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1. (of wine, etc.) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
2. free from unpleasant odours
3. containing no corrosive substances
4. (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
5. Jazz performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation


Henry. 1845--1912, English philologist; a pioneer of modern phonetics. His books include A History of English Sounds (1874)
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A group of items. Pronounced "sweet." See application suite.
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The ever-charming Kyri plays sweet-tempered videographer J.J.
Sweet-tempered and comic, Zaccak's "Ya Omri" will now be counted among their ranks.
All that aside, though, young llamas are generally sweet-tempered and will follow the people they love, much like a funny-looking puppy.
But while Bryony Hannah, who plays sweet-tempered nurse Cynthia, admits they all miss their friend, they have a "light" in the "wonderful" Charlotte Ritchie, best known for her role as posh student Oregon in Fresh Meat, who has joined the line-up as nervous newbie Barbara.
Owners of pit bulls and their supporters, like the 30 people who gathered Thursday outside the Springfield Police Department to protest the shooting, insist that the dogs are sweet-tempered, and no more dangerous than any other breed.
(94) Though not entirely biamable on Hawthorne, this perennially polarized line of interpretation is clearly traceable to him, encouraged above all by narrative and prefatory alternations between what his contemporaries described as "morbid" Romantic gloom and "sweet-tempered" Augustan sunshine.
Having earned his legit chops (in "Equus" and "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"), the grown-up teen idol turns in a warm, sympathetic performance as the sweet-tempered but broken-bodied "cripple" who has long resigned himself to the gleeful cruelty of his cloddish neighbors.
The other bridesmaids are the foul-mouthed and free-spirited Gena (Lizzy Caplan) and the sweet-tempered but dimwitted Katie (Isla Fisher), who is convinced that the only way a man will like her is if she hops straight into bed with him.
He is a beautiful child, still sweet-tempered and loving despite all the agonies he has endured, still blowing kisses to his mum's helper when she pops her head round the door to say goodbye.
As sweet-tempered and large-hearted as he was, he had a toughness too--as a friend said after his death, he was no pussy (even if his nickname was Dr.
Enter Ella Cotswald, Eugene's sweet-tempered fiancee; Lance, an amateur burglar, and his fanatic preacher uncle; and other quirky characters, and the stage is set for some life-changing interactions.
And one of them, a sweet-tempered filly called Bluebell, is one of the tiniest horses in the country - standing just 24 inches high!