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The thymus gland (known as throat sweetbread) and the pancreas (stomach sweetbread), especially of the calf and lamb (although beef sweetbreads are sometimes eaten), are considered delicacies and are rich in mineral elements and vitamins. The pancreas is generally preferred to the thymus. Sweetbreads are highly perishable and, immediately after removal from refrigeration, should be soaked and parboiled, then creamed, curried, braised, or otherwise prepared for serving.
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Sweetbreads are a chef's favourite offal, and are the most luxurious.
with sweetbread and courgette, forcemeat, garlic and thyme(Recipe for 4 persons)Ingredients:350g breast of North Ronaldsay lamb with the ribs30cl (centilitre) olive oil1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar' soup spoon chopped parsleyfor the stuffing:25g shallots150g courgettes (zucchini)170g North Ronaldsay lamb sweetbread2cl olive oilsalt, pepper, thyme2 soup spoons white breadcrumbsfor the garnish:1 garlic clove30g celery1 tomato1 thyme twig1 shallotPre-preparation:BreastRemove the ribs without damaging the skin.
Q Any advice for someone about to cook lamb sweetbreads for the first time?
'Sweetbread isn't sweet and it isn't bread, it's brains or organs of animals and road metal is Tarmac, it isn't metal at all.'
MY wife hates offal, especially sweetbreads, despite trying them many times in case she grows to like them.
Sweetbreads, tongue and kidneys gave turns of flavour all from the same beast, this time the richness of fresh ceps bringing it all together under the thinnest, crisp potato galette called Maxims.
In this case you may well be tempted to bake somethingspec ial for tea, try this Russian sweetbread, traditionally eaten at Easter.
main course braised breast of Welsh lamb parsley crust, lamb sweetbread fritter, slow-roasted loin of Welsh lamb with flageolet puree and fondant potato
What was your thinking in coming up with sweetbread dishes for this feature?
I hit paydirt again in tournedos of braised lamb with a crisp sweetbread fritter.
eggs and lightly beat Coat each piece of poached sweetbread in this
There were also chewy nuggets of glazed sweetbread, a riff on the similar flavour but different texture.