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1. (of wine, etc.) having a relatively high sugar content; not dry
2. free from unpleasant odours
3. containing no corrosive substances
4. (of petrol) containing no sulphur compounds
5. Jazz performed with a regular beat, with the emphasis on clearly outlined melody and little improvisation


Henry. 1845--1912, English philologist; a pioneer of modern phonetics. His books include A History of English Sounds (1874)
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A group of items. Pronounced "sweet." See application suite.
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References in classic literature ?
But the sweeter music was playing in my ears, and I was blind and oblivious to all about me.
The Bonanza king of the Black Forest lives to a good old age, blessed with the love of his wife and of his twenty-seven children, and the still sweeter envy of everybody around.
So better and happier grew the child, fairer and sweeter grew the flower, till Spring came smiling over the earth, and woke the flowers, set free the streams, and welcomed back the birds; then daily did the happy child sit among her flowers, longing for the gentle Elf to come again, that she might tell her gratitude for all the magic gift had done.
You never imagined a sweeter schooner--a child might sail her--two hundred tons; name, HISPANIOLA.
All I have shall belong to you; and if love and good wishes, or the memory of them, can make life sweeter, yours shall be a happy one.
"Over the past four years we have seen sales of sweeter beers shoot up and it comes at the cost of gueuze and bitter beers," said Eric Vandeperre, chairman of the Zythos beer consumer organization.
NEWCASTLE boss Graeme Souness has admitted that life at St James' Park could hardly be sweeter with victories in his opening two games against Hapoel Bnei Sakhnin and Southampton.
With a delicious blend of soya and vanilla, it's slightly sweeter and creamier taste has been specially created to accompany your favourite breakfast cereals.
"It hurts us as fans to be behind Everton and if we win and go back above them it will make it sweeter. We won't need any extra motivation going into this one.
Making it even sweeter was the fact that Code Harts is by Droopys Merson, who stands at the Dunphy range.
Comer's Maggie's American Dream, Adele Logan Alexander's Homelands and Waterways, Shirlee Taylor Haizlip's The Sweeter the Juice and Stephen Ball's Slaves in the Family (see below "Alex Haley's Literary Children" for more information on these titles).
But keep those secrets under wraps--the friendship will be that much sweeter. Cross our hearts!