swine fever

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swine fever:

see African swine feverAfrican swine fever
(ASF), highly contagious, deadly viral disease of swine. Its acute form, which is typically fatal, is characterized by high fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, and redness in the skin or red blotches or blackened lesions on the skin; other symptoms include
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; classical swine feverclassical swine fever
or hog cholera,
acute, highly infectious viral disease of swine, historically perhaps the most serious disease of swine in North America.
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One of the reasons why African swine fever is so hard to eradicate is that it's easy to transmit.
'African swine fever has spread rapidly in Vietnam, starting in the north and moving into central areas of the country.
"As an outbreak of African swine fever has officially been confirmed in North Korea, it is very important to take disinfection and quarantine measures in border regions," the prime minister said after visiting a pig farm and a Marine Corps unit in Ganghwa County in Incheon, west of Seoul.
African swine fever. In: Manual of diagnostic tests and vaccines for terrestrial animals.
African swine fever affects more than 55 countries on 3 continents, including China, which contains nearly half of the world's pig population.
African Swine Fever has been reported from all provinces of China, with only the island of Hainan still out of reach.
German Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt has rejected a plea from the farming association to refrain from imposing an export ban if African swine fever was identified in wild boars, saying Germany was not in a position to bypass EU rules.
The seriousness of the situation was highlighted over the weekend, when another case of African swine fever was reported on a pig farm in the Tula region of Russia, the meat from which has already been supplied to five regions in Russia and may now be in the shops of several Russian cities.
The Danish Veterinary Institute (DVI) has reportedly said that final test results for swine fever at a farm in Kolding, Denmark had proved negative.
Mr O'Brien said: "Fears about swine fever are the latest problem to hit pig farmers in north Warwickshire.
Only five farms have been confirmed with classical swine fever, Mr Scudamore said, with a further 31 premises reporting sick pigs.
But there has been no case of swine fever in Scotland in living memory.