swing saw

swing saw, pendulum saw

A power-operated circular saw suspended from above and pivoted on a long arm.
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Centre-back Michael Hector's wild swing saw him divert George Friend's cross from the left inches wide of his own post, and the howls of derision played perfectly into Boro's hands.
30pm a mood swing saw the house lights dim even further, to be replaced by those pulsing around the dance floor.
The chants of Sigurdsson's name had already started before he positioned himself over the ball, the celebrations starting before his precise swing saw it dip and deceive Guzan on its way to the top corner.
High-profile, and some would say needless, changes to his golf swing saw Harrington plummet from third in the world rankings to 96th and he came into last week's Masters with questions still surrounding his ability to get back to the top of the game.
A five-point swing saw Scotland home with 31 points, two clear of their Irish hosts and seven ahead of Wales.
The star's over-zealous swing saw his ball fly out of bounds into a local backyard, where it caught Tampa Bay golf course resident Gayle DiMaggio.
The swing saw Labour reduced to running the council without an overall majority.
Four years ago, a massive swing saw Warwick North as one of the party's biggest conquests but Independent councillor Christine Hodgetts and Tory Gerry Guest stopped Labour from taking power of the more rural Warwick South.
He didn't crack and his determination and solid swing saw him always at least three shots ahead of his nearest challenger Paul Casey.
The seat had been one of Labour's safest with a majority of more than 13,500, but the massive swing saw the nationalists secure it by a margin of 365, with Labour coming second.
After two minutes of the second round Audley pounced when Long dropped his guard and the final left swing saw the man they called the Towering Inferno well and truly doused as he crashed, spread-eagled, to the canvas.
The explosive second seed arrives here brimming with confidence after a successful Rebound Ace hard-court swing saw him capture his fifth career title at Auckland's Heineken Open.