swing stage

swinging scaffold, swinging stage

swinging scaffold
A scaffold which is suspended by ropes or cables from a block and tackle attached by roof hooks; can be raised or lowered to any height.
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Located within the Innova Industrial Park, the 12,000-square-foot building features two classrooms with capacity for 25 students each, plus a large open-concept training area with 30-foot-high ceilings for scaffolding, fork trucks and suspended swing stage (work platform) programs.
Among selected trunk muscles, RA and EO muscles were active in all subjects in the entire gait cycle, while MF was active in 100% of subjects during loading response and pre-swing stages and in 90% of subjects in terminal swing stage during the over-ground walking (Figure 1).
For buildings higher than 300 feet, workers use a swing stage attached to a steel cable, Mr.
V01(S) - Swing Stage (No Commercial Vehicles Are Permitted Anywhere Along The
Work may require use of scaffolding, swing stage and/or 50+ foot extension ladders which the Contractor
The construction team devised a creative solution to maintain access to the Great Hall by using a suspended working deck and swing stages, in lieu of much scaffolding, to allow customers to move freely below.
First Coast Scaffold is a Jacksonville, Florida, based commercial and industrial scaffolding company providing a line of system scaffolding, frame scaffolding, swing stages, safety equipment and accessories.
I guarantee our mailboxes in Ohio and other swing stages will be deluged.
Our findings showed that there were significant differences between MS and healthy adults in the relative phase coordination between knee and ankle joints at heel contact and mid stance stages, but not at toe off and mid swing stages of the gait cycle.
They operate boom lifts but do not operate from swing stages.
In particular, the four swing stages are described clearly enough to practice in the most confined space and come replete with a helpful commentary: "Once you have learned these four simple positions and the guiding principles behind the swing, the essentials of the swing are in place.
Lift equipment or swing stages are normally necessary to perform inspection, material sampling, and water-testing activities.