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The process of placing a craft on various headings and comparing magnetic compass readings with the corresponding magnetic directions to determine deviation; this usually follows compass adjustment or compass compensation, and is done to obtain information for making a deviation table, deviation card, or compass correction card.

What does it mean when you dream about swinging?

To be swinging on a swing or to be dancing the “swing” indicates that the dreamer is expressing a great deal of satisfaction and freedom.

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And believe it or not, swinging is an activity that chickens really seem to enjoy.
The golf swing is the same -- swinging too far back with no coil will produce less effortless energy into the ball.
The swing is based on swinging out of a single plane.
Sales pitch: Gets golfers swinging on an inside-out swing plane, which prevents slices.
The $6 million attraction towers 100 feet tall and accommodates 40 passengers, who are seated back-to-back in two rows of 10 riders each on two giant swinging arms.
Everyone's eyes get really big," says Jennifer Harrison Newman, who has been swinging with The Lion King for three years.
It is better to swing something light, such as a towel bat or fungo in the on-deck circle to ignite those fast-twitch muscle fibers, as opposed to swinging a heavy weighted-bat that will allow you to activate your slow-twitch muscle fibers.
Wimsatt and Brown), a collection of 23 stories of young people winning and swinging elections using their social networks, hip-hop culture, and a politics of inclusion and joy.
The point of the swinging cable is to make it far easier to manipulate without being forced to bend the actual cable itself and thereby risk damaging it.
As the fierce winter just past buried fairways and greens under snow, golfers resigned themselves to putting on the carpet, swinging in the garage and watching the pros play in sunny climes on TV.
Swinging Bridge at The Chapin Estate, 48 scenic home sites ranging in size from five to eight acres, set in 5,600 acres of wilderness and bordering the spectacular Swinging Bridge Reservoir in Sullivan Country, N.