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The process of placing a craft on various headings and comparing magnetic compass readings with the corresponding magnetic directions to determine deviation; this usually follows compass adjustment or compass compensation, and is done to obtain information for making a deviation table, deviation card, or compass correction card.
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What does it mean when you dream about swinging?

To be swinging on a swing or to be dancing the “swing” indicates that the dreamer is expressing a great deal of satisfaction and freedom.

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George, who originated from Shieldfield in Newcastle, set a world record for club swinging in May, 1912, while his artillery unit was based in Quetta, in what is now Pakistan.
Your chicken needs to be able to grip the swing in order to feel safe swinging. A board such as a 2 x 4 is also not recommended because it's too wide.
Head movement is invariably caused by something else and in my case it's a tendency to move my left knee and foot as I'm swinging through to give it "extra welly".
The problem with swinging like a ferris wheel is that the golfer is not standing directly over the ball, but off to the side of the tee.
Inertia keeps it swinging to the other peak of its arc.
A full shoulder turn increases club head speed without swinging harder.
Both arms will swing and release the ball as if swinging a golf club and completing the follow-through (Figs.
Sales pitch: Gets golfers swinging on an inside-out swing plane, which prevents slices.
"Everyone's eyes get really big," says Jennifer Harrison Newman, who has been swinging with The Lion King for three years.
* Sway your shoulders to let your arms swing back and forth like an elephant swinging its trunk.
Wimsatt and Brown), a collection of 23 stories of young people winning and swinging elections using their social networks, hip-hop culture, and a politics of inclusion and joy.