switched virtual circuit

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switched virtual circuit

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(1) (Switched Virtual Circuit) A network connection that is established at the time the transmission is required and disconnected when the session is completed. SVCs are normally implemented in connection-oriented systems such as the analog telephone network and ATM networks. Contrast with PVC.

(2) (Scalable Video Coding) An extension to the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) standard to accommodate rendering devices with different processing capabilities and/or degraded transmission paths. SVC allows low-resolution formats to travel as subsets alongside the high-resolution video. The subsets may eliminate frames or contain reduced frame sizes or both. Rather than display high-resolution video poorly, SVC enables lesser-quality video to flow smoothly on low-bandwidth devices and channels. See H.264.

(3) (SuperVisor Call) A mainframe instruction that passes control to the operating system.
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Establishing Switched Virtual Circuits, which are dynamic by definition, results in more efficient utilization of network resources.
ATM switches are popular, in part, because they support private virtual circuits and switched virtual circuits that guarantee clear bandwidth once assigned.
Similarly, by offering sophisticated services, such as virtual private networks, voice over Internet protocol, and other applications atop increasingly dynamic network architectures (switched virtual circuits, multiprotocol label switching or MPLS, traffic engineering), network operations requires specialized diagnostic tools well beyond those used just a few years ago.
A software option allows migration to AAL2 packet voice services, such as switched virtual circuits, bandwidth-on-demand, AAL2 adaptation, VBR-rt for variable bandwidth, echo cancellation, silence suppression with comfort noise generation, and voice encoding and compression algorithms, including G.711, G.726 and G.729a.