switching hub

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switching hub

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LAN switch

A network device that cross-connects clients, servers and network devices. Also known as a "frame switch," stand-alone LAN switches are common in Ethernet networks. A switch with four or more ports is also built into a wired or wireless router for homes and small business (see wireless router).

LAN switches were also available for Token Ring and FDDI networks, both of which gave way to Ethernet. ATM switches however, are a type of LAN switch in a category by itself (see ATM). See Ethernet switch, Token Ring and FDDI.

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In the 20th century, every house had a telephone wire connecting it to a switching hub which then connected to other houses.
The integrated ethernet switching hub provides greater flexibility to connect several PCs with just one simple box.
-- 3 products in 1: DSL bridge/router "modem", simple bridge or switching hub
Likewise, downtown Pontiac has a hip, walkable downtown near a telecom switching hub, said Southfield-based real estate investor Walter Cohen.
The ATM backbone consists of an 8260 Nways Multiprotocol Switching Hub with Control Point Switch and Multiprotocol Switched Service (MSS) server modules in each of the center's four buildings.
From a simple faceplate to an intelligent switching hub to an enterprise network, we specify state-of-the-art equipment with proven track records.
LinkSwitch, a new switching hub, boosts client/server performance by providing a 100Mbps connection to an FDDI backbone and/or server.
PORT SWITCHING HUB features intuitive Web-based management, router network support, enhanced security.
A central configuration switching hub interconnects segments from different floors to create building-wide LANs.
The client/ server switching hub is a high-speed Ethernet-to-FDDI workgroup switching hub.
Will support full-duplex operation with a switching hub. * 100VG-AnyLAN is the archrival to 100Base-T for the affections of the user community.