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see potassium chloridepotassium chloride,
chemical compound, KCl, a colorless or white, cubic, crystalline compound that closely resembles common salt (sodium chloride). It is soluble in water, alcohol, and alkalies.
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a sedimentary rock consisting of alternating thin layers of halite and sylvite.

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The use of road-headers gives us some flexibility with regard to selectively separating the sylvinite from the halite," Schlumpberger said.
In Sergipe, sylvinite dominant potash deposits occur in the regions of Taquari-Vassouras and Santa Rosa de Lima.
At the Boulby mine, boracite occurs within massive sylvinite ore in a variety of forms ranging from isolated single crystals to large nodules.
The deeper sylvinite deposits some 1,600 m below the surface are too expensive to mine by conventional means.
The funding would enable the appointment of a world class engineering and construction consortium to complete a definitive feasibility study (DFS) for its flagship potash project, the Kola Sylvinite Project in the Republic of Congo.
The potential for SOP operations, coupled with the feasibility study previously completed on MOP operations, demonstrates the uniqueness of Allana's project, which through its sylvinite and kainite resources has the potential to produce MOP and SOP with industry-leading capital-expenditure and operating-cost profiles.
In the western part of the deposit, which is of Pleistocene age, there is a favourable overburden/ore ratio of 4:1; resources of sylvinite amount to 166 Mt KC1 product.
The tubbing column is designed to bring sylvinite ore to the surface and is part of the continuing development of the Ust-Yayvinsky block of the Verkhnekamskoye deposit.
The company is currently in the engineering phase of a large project for potash producer Uralkali at underground operations that extract sylvinite ore in the Perm region of Russia.