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see potassium chloridepotassium chloride,
chemical compound, KCl, a colorless or white, cubic, crystalline compound that closely resembles common salt (sodium chloride). It is soluble in water, alcohol, and alkalies.
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a sedimentary rock consisting of alternating thin layers of halite and sylvite.

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Meanwhile, for the Dougou extension sylvinite deposit, Kore Potash has appointed consulting firm Innovare Technologies to help write up the pre-feasibility study for the deposit.
In Sergipe, sylvinite dominant potash deposits occur in the regions of Taquari-Vassouras and Santa Rosa de Lima.
Sylvinite (a term used to describe sylvite-halite rock) only occurs in economic quantities in the third Zechstein evaporite cycle (Z3).
Sylvinite recovery from the northern shallower deposits of 1000 m or so is by conventional mining, but how would you economically separate the valuable potassium chloride from the 60% or so sodium chloride co-crystallized with this?
In the western part of the deposit, which is of Pleistocene age, there is a favourable overburden/ore ratio of 4:1; resources of sylvinite amount to 166 Mt KC1 product.