symmetric multiprocessing

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symmetric multiprocessing

(SMP) Two or more similar processors connected via a high-bandwidth link and managed by one operating system, where each processor has equal access to I/O devices. This is in contrast to the "compute server" kind of parallel processor where a front-end processor handles all I/O to disks, terminals and local area network etc.

The processors are treated more or less equally, with application programs able to run on any or perhaps all processors in the system, interchangeably, at the operating system's discretion. Simple MP usually involves assigning each processor to a fixed task (such as managing the file system), reserving the single main CPU for general tasks.

OS/2 currently supports so-called HMP (Hybrid Multiprocessing), which provides some elements of symmetric multiprocessing, using add-on IBM software called MP/2. OS/2 SMP was planned for release in late 1993.
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As a provider of open systems-based symmetric multiprocessing systems, Wyse is pleased to be IBM's development partner in the SMP version of OS/2," said Aziz Valliani, vice president and general manager of Wyse's Systems Division.
Wyse's symmetric multiprocessing servers are certified to run SCO MPX, USG UNIX SVR4, SunSoft Solaris and Microsoft Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server.
The Series 7000i Model 760MP symmetric multiprocessing system, which can scale up to five CPUs and exceeds 200 million instruction per second (MIPS) of performance, is available today configured with SCO UNIX and MPX at an estimated selling price starting at $23,995.
announced today that it is shipping both Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) and Windows NT Advanced Server(TM) operating systems pre-installed and tested on its line of client and server platforms, including symmetric multiprocessing servers.
The SCO MPX multiprocessor extension will also be pre-installed on Wyse's Series 7000i symmetric multiprocessing system and available from Wyse by the end of the year.
Unisys Corporation today announced that the Aquanta ES5085R eight-processor server achieved the fastest online transaction processing (OLTP) performance ever recorded for an Intel-based symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) server.
announced today that it is the first systems platform manufacturer to offer symmetric multiprocessing architecture at all levels of integration: chip sets, system boards and systems.
announced today that it will pre-install the Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) operating system on its entire family of client and server platforms, including symmetric multiprocessing server systems.
And for those vendors hoping to replace mainframes with large symmetric multiprocessing machines, it's a real advantage if you can protect the investment in some of the existing mainframe peripherals.
a leader in symmetric multiprocessing technology, today announced that six leading high technology companies have chosen and are currently using the Wyse Series 7000i multiprocessing system to develop products for the Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) operating system.
In addition to the e-Series, the UltraSPARC family includes the s-Series of scalable symmetric multiprocessing chips designed for maximum performance, and the i-Series, which provides a balance of integration, performance and scalable multiprocessing capabilities.
Based on an advanced symmetric multiprocessing architecture, this cost-effective system supports up to 36 CPUs, 16 GB of main memory and multiple concurrent streams of realtime video data.

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