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In this case, the wave pattern after the cumulation of the reflected wave at the symmetry axis is the most complicated since the wave interacts with the set of transverse waves which were formed in the conic expansion part (see Figures 3(d) and 3(e)).
The shaped dual-reflector configurations are composed of two circularly symmetric (bodies of revolution) reflectors with a common symmetry axis (the z-axis).
From above, it is clear that Kretschmann's curvature scalar (K) diverges on the symmetry axis at r = 0 and vanishes rapidly at spatial infinity r [right arrow] [infinity]along the radial direction.
The symmetry axis azimuth of the target layer fractures is evaluated for a rectangle surrounding the point of the grid (for a bin), taking into account only those traces for which the midpoint (MP) is inside the bin.
Since the data is transformed, its value should converge to the symmetry axis V=10n, and the curves converge to one in the graph, and the curve configuration of negative values conform to abnormal response characteristics.
At the same time, the elastic shear waves, with one-dimensional propagation in anisotropic media, cubic, hexagonal, and orthorhombic crystal systems, along the symmetry axis of even order are also obtained without the thermoelastic effect.
For WGM laser, the resonant conditions of TE (the electric field is perpendicular to the symmetry axis of the microrod) and TM modes (the electric field is parallel to the symmetry axis of the microrod) can be deduced by Fresnel formula [13], which is expressed as follows:
Most of these methods try to imitate the ABCD rule of dermoscopy where asymmetry is quantified with respect to a symmetry axis that bisects the lesion.
In order to check such possibility, we study in this paper the spectral properties of one-electron thin nanotube of the conical form with different aperture angles in the presence of external magnetic and electric fields applied simultaneously along the symmetry axis.
The average surface curvature for a Rotational symmetry axis surface, as Nitsche and steen [13] Calculated it, is given as below:
The polygonal boundary allows some simplifications of the kernels, influencing to the behavior near the symmetry axis, see Section 4.