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(computer science)
A computer storage device used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of information or time of occurrence of events when transmitting information from one device to another.
The component of a radar set which generates the timing voltage for the complete set.



a device in a camera that synchronizes the action of the camera shutter and a flash lamp. In many modern cameras, the synchronizer is equipped with a regulator that makes it possible to vary the time interval between the actuation of the shutter and the flash lamp. This type of regulation is necessary when switching between operation with a flashbulb and operation with an electronic flash.

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It can synchronize with Excel files stored on a network, email spreadsheets as attachments (using another program, MultiMail Pro from Actual Software), and offers an ActiveX/COM API to enable the incorporation of Quicksheet into a custom solution by ISVs, even without Excel.
In fact, some businesses even provide access to such password-protected sites to suppliers and corporate customers so they, too, can synchronize their data.
-- Network/Unplugged(R) - Synchronizes and backs up files and documents.
With these upgrades, Pivotal now provides a simple to use, one-step synchronization process that automatically alerts mobile users to synchronize. This capability protects the system from synchronization backlogs to ensure optimal performance.
When you want to synchronize files, the system determines which files are the latest.
Chapura's Microsoft Exchange synchronization software, when used with the new Palm HotSync Server software, announced in a separate release, allows users of Palm handheld computers to directly access information such as corporate email accounts and databases from their company's Microsoft Exchange server without having to download information to a personal computer and then synchronize that same information to their Palm handheld.
In the brains of schizophrenia sufferers, electrical activity fails to synchronize with a specific sound frequency as it does in the brains of mentally healthy people, report psychiatrist Robert W.
Yes, the males definitely synchronize their flashes, Copeland says.
Wasp colonies in temperate zones synchronize reproduction with the seasons and can wait until the end of the summer to raise males.
Carroll of the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C., showed that it is possible under the right conditions to synchronize the wildly fluctuating voltages of a pair of properly matched chaotic electronic circuits (SN: 3/24/90, p.
Earlier, this same group had shown that distinctive sets Of neurons in locust brains synchronize their signals as the insects encounter various scents.
By establishing the link, researchers can now quantitatively predict under what circumstances a row of Josephson junctions can synchronize voltage fluctuations and how well matched the individual devices must be in terms of their physical characteristics in order to become fully synchronized.

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