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(computer science)
A computer storage device used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of information or time of occurrence of events when transmitting information from one device to another.
The component of a radar set which generates the timing voltage for the complete set.



a device in a camera that synchronizes the action of the camera shutter and a flash lamp. In many modern cameras, the synchronizer is equipped with a regulator that makes it possible to vary the time interval between the actuation of the shutter and the flash lamp. This type of regulation is necessary when switching between operation with a flashbulb and operation with an electronic flash.

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There are certainly an awful lot of real biological systems that do mutually synchronize," Winfree says.
Each edition of PocketMirror synchronizes Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with the built-in personal information manager (PIM) software built into Palm OS devices.
Additionally, you can synchronize your data to your mobile phone if it supports the SyncML protocol; many phones support this including the new Motorola RAZR.
When neurons synchronize their activity, they call attention to the task at hand - and help speed the response time, according to a study by Robert Desimone, a principle investigator and the director of The McGovern Institute at MIT.
announced the release of "InfoShare List Manager," the first wireless group software application that allows individuals and groups of two or more to create, share and synchronize common lists.

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