synchronous communications

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synchronous communications

[′siŋ·krə·nəs kə‚myü·nə′kā·shənz]
(computer science)
The high-speed transmission and reception of long groups of characters at a time, requiring synchronization of the sending and receiving devices.
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synchronous transmission

The transmission of data in which both stations are synchronized. Codes are sent from the transmitting station to the receiving station to establish the synchronization, and the data are then transmitted in continuous streams.

Modems that transmit at 1,200 bps and higher often convert the asynchronous signals from a computer's serial port into synchronous transmission over the transmission line. Contrast with asynchronous transmission.
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When Te is 250 msec and Tp is 500 msec, the delay becomes worse compared with the more than 500 msec of Te because the synchronous communications occur many times because cache miss of the sensor data occurs.
When the number of VMs is five and Te is longer than Tp, the delay of SC in Figures 8 and 9 is up to 69 msec and 37 msec less than that of NC because synchronous communications do not occur in SC.
The previous research in the synchronous interaction literature indicated the importance of synchronous communications in course Web sites.
He found that the frequency of a student's attending chat sessions, which were equipped with synchronous communication tools, was significantly related to the student's course grade (r = .626).
Synchronous communication occurs in "real-time" through the utilization of virtual chat rooms.
Synchronous communication can be supported through tools such as chat rooms, instant messaging, or web conferencing with whiteboard, audio, and video capabilities (e.g., Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect).
Eight instructors had integrated synchronous communication mode to their online courses, while the other eight instructors had not used any synchronous communication tool in their online courses.
nontraditional students Second, the utilization of synchronous communications technologies such as IM and Twitter are predicted to grow as universities and colleges continue to expand their distance courses offerings.
Vehec praises synchronous communications as a strength of the FCIS package.
For the third case, the researcher also read and listened to archives of synchronous communications and attended a synchronous class meeting.
A dynamic analysis of the interplay between asynchronous and synchronous communication in online learning: The impact of motivation.

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