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1. Brit a business agent of some universities or other bodies
2. (in several countries) a government administrator or magistrate with varying powers



in ancient Greece, a court advocate. In medieval Europe, the syndic was the elected head of a guild. In some countries, a person responsible for handling the legal affairs of some establishment is called a syndic. In modern Italy, the sindaco is the administrative head of local self-government.

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In October of 1530, when they learned of the violent iconoclastic acts carried out in towns not far from Geneva, the Poor Clares immediately appealed to the syndics for protection.
During that time Harris steered Sony's Columbia TriStar TV into the firstrun syndic biz, where it scored with long-running daytime yakker "The Rieki Lake Show.
But when folks like former Disney syndic topper Mort Marcus and former Rysher salesman-in-chief Ira Bernstein hung out their shingles, reaction from the syndic sector was a collective "Huh?
But in the September-to-June syndic season, none oft the nine holdover talkshows added viewers (five of the gabfests actually plummeted by double digits in household Nielsens).
THE ANNUAL NATPE syndic sales bazaar managed to celebrate the past and obsess about the future, without delivering much punch to the present.
The syndic stalwart had already sold the bejesus out of its Rachael Ray gabber, and with a declared 95% station clearance rate, what was the point of staying in Vegas?
So too are last-minute tweaks to two late, and unusual, entries into the syndic fray--Tribune's "American Idol" and Twentieth's trio of sudsers branded as "Desire.
But while proving that it can stand on its own outside "Raymond's" shadow will certainly help "Men's" syndic bargaining power, the series could find itself paired again with "Raymond" in off-net, according to Carroll.
From a syndic standpoint impact, there's been no daytime talkshow to compare with "Oprah.
Stations are becoming more cautious about ponying up the bucks for daytime projects," Carroll says, making distribs just as cautious about pouring money into syndic development.
Syndic "Raymond" comes in at 44, syndic "King" at about 39.