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An ecological association in which the physiological processes or behavior of an individual are enhanced by the nearby presence of another organism.
An action where the total effect of two active components in a mixture is greater than the sum of their individual effects, for example, a mixture volume that is greater than the sum of the individual volumes, or in resin formulation, the use of two or more stabilizers, where the combination improves polymer stability more than expected from the additive effect of the stabilizers.



(1) The joint and homogeneous functioning of systems and organs, including muscles.

(2) The combined action of medicinal agents on the body, whereby the overall effect exceeds the effect exerted by each component separately.

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Synergia's report also said that although two of the RNFSAs did not feel confident or clinically safe to practice at the end of their training, this was reversed after six months post training.
Cavite-Batangas-Mindoro-Romblon Revenue Regional Director Maridur Rosario said Synergia has been regularly filing returns, mostly withholding taxes, from 2015 to 2018 via the electronic filing and payment system (eFPS) without the matching payments totaling to more than P4.6 million.
"We need a system that ensures there is traceability and visibility of the supply chain of every pharmaceutical product from the active ingredient stage till it reaches the patient," says Tobby Simon, Founder and President, Synergia Foundation, a Bangalore-based applied research think tank.
Early 2015: Consulting firm Synergia to evaluate PHC PA pilot.
A recent survey by the Synergia Foundation showed that only 85 percent of school-age children in Nueva Vizcaya are in school.
Previously, Dr Peroutka worked as CMO of Zogenix Inc, the pain franchise development leader at Johnson & Johnson, was president and CEO of Synergia Pharma Inc, president and CEO at Spectra Biomedical Inc and was named the first director of the Department of Neuroscience at Genentech Inc.
Process management in the practice of the manager, SP Synergia, ISBN 80-98734-8-2, pp.
Humanity enters into the missionary field only within the framework of the synergia. This greatly emphasized patristic idea does not mean that we are equal partners with God himself, or that he cannot act independently of humankind, even in the form of the "little flock"; it rather means that our Triune God in his divine economy has consciously decided to work through us.
Field officials from the multinational Nonviolent Peace Force, the UN-Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the Synergia Foundation, Forum ZFD, Community and Family Services International, Islamic Relief Philippines, International Children's Action Network, ACTED, Philippine Business for Social Progress, IDEALS Incorporated, Maranao People Development Center and the Single Drop for Safe Water Program also participated in the dialogue that Iqbal presided over.
The consulting firm Synergia will conduct an independent evaluation of the second trial when it finishes next year.