synthetic fur

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synthetic fur:

see furfur,
hairy covering of an animal, especially the skins of animals that have thick, soft, close-growing hair next to the skin itself and coarser protective hair above it.
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MEPs sought to obtain an indication of non-textile parts of animal origin in textile products to help consumers to distinguish synthetic fur from real fur.
If you're looking for a winter clog, the Blitzen has a super-soft synthetic fur lining to offer warmth and a comfort fit.
I was given my Ewok costume, which was synthetic fur over a hard body, but little did I know I was about to become the chief Ewok, Wicket.
The Ministry of Defence is testing the use of synthetic fur for the guards' headgear.
Inspired by the Boho chic look of Sienna Miller, high street shoppers have taken to synthetic fur gilets in their thousands.
* If the synthetic fur ruff gets wet and matted, it can't keep frigid winter wind away from your face.
These large trademarked, synthetic fur rodents are there to comfort you and to promote mass consumer consumption.