China white

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silver white

1. Any white pigment used in paints.
2. A very pure variety of white lead; French white, China white.
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A source said in one overdose a prisoner was found to have a cocktail of cannabis, synthetic heroin, cocaine, paracetamol and benzos.
In addition 67 anabolic steroid tablets were found with a value of between PS670 and PS2700 as well as 15 synthetic heroin tablets which could have a value of up to PS600.
And a harder synthetic heroin could soon be making an appearance, a drugs charity has warned.
ADEADLY synthetic heroin more powerful than the original drug is being sold on the streets of Wales.
To study Parkinson's, researchers have commonly mimicked the effects of the disease in animals by giving them a compound known as MPTP, a contaminant of the illicit drug MPPP, or synthetic heroin. MPTP causes damage to brain cells that respond to the neurotransmitter dopamine, leading to problems in muscle control, including tremors and difficulty walking.