synthetic silica

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silica gel, synthetic silica

A form of silica which adsorbs moisture readily; used as a drying agent.
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In the silicone industry, synthetic silica is used predominantly as a reinforcing filler in order to give the silicone rubber sufficient mechanical strength to finally meet its application requirements.
Ultra-fine synthetic silica particles have been shown in laboratory and commercial field trials to reduce injection molding cycle times by 20% to 30% in polypropylene, filled and unfilled nylon, PBT, and ABS.
One other synthetic silica commonly used is manufactured through a solution precipitation process.
With this purchase, Ineos becomes the world's fourth largest independent petrochemicals company, whose operations include polystyrene (formerly BASF's North American PS business), PVC resins and compounds (formerly EVC), PVC and PET film, chlorinated paraffins, synthetic silica, and HFC-134a blowing agent for PUR foams.
Modern synthetic silica gels are highly porous, and this porosity is therefore able to provide a high quality matte finish.

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