synthetic stone

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artificial stone

A mixture of stone chips or fragments, usually embedded in a matrix of mortar, cement, or plaster; the surface may be ground, polished, molded, or otherwise treated to simulate stone; variously called art marble, artificial marble, cast stone, marezzo, patent stone, and reconstructed stone.
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The scope of services will involve - Mowing lichens hand with slopes and bottoms,- Cutting, the lichens from the body of the embankment (after mechanical cutting, the dokoszenie)- Mining scum floating plants from the bottom of the watercourse,- Extracting plant rooted in the bottom,- Mechanical mowing the bottom of the feet- Removing namulu from the bottom of the watercourse with rozplantowaniem,- Cleansing of drainage outlets namulu,- Removing przetamowan and there beaver from watercourses,- Cutting the bushes with slopes, crushing the bushes rebarko -rozdrabniarka,- Building breaches in embankments,- Strengthening embankments reticular baskets - on a nonwoven synthetic stone and turf on flat with nailing,- Strengthening the foot slope fascines black pudding,- Repair business trips.
Owens Corning for insulation, roofing, Cultured Stone synthetic stone, Norandex vinyl siding and whole house wrap
Strengthening embankments reticular baskets - on non-woven synthetic stone and turf laying flat with nailing,
MDL Diamond Merchants announced the acquisition of the latest version of De Beers' DiamondSure synthetic stone detection machine.
Replacement metal roof with flat roof construction - Facade renovation: synthetic stone and ceramic tiles
At 55 percent, "granite countertops" was by far the most popular response, followed distantly by synthetic stone at 12 percent.
Jewellery of Canada designs, manufactures and wholesales mass-produced diamond, gemstones and synthetic stone jewelry to major jewelry retailers, shopping networks, mass merchants, department stores and liquidators.
The issue of granite containing radon has surfaced repeatedly over the years, often fueled by manufacturers of radon detection devices and producers of synthetic stone countertops.
Composite building materials such as decking and roofing offer contractors new alternatives and now hold approximately 5-8% market share -- According to Ducker Worldwide, fiber-cement siding has grown to over 12% of the siding market -- Windows and synthetic stone cladding from China and Eastern Europe are being produced and imported with good success
Front and rear LED light bars * Aglon-coated stainless steel assist rails * Avonite synthetic stone countertops
His portraits are made on rubies, sapphires, topazes and other natural gems or synthetic stones.
The piece is heart-shaped, housing a cross in the middle along with synthetic stones outlining the border to add extra style and uniqueness.

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