synthetic stone

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artificial stone

A mixture of stone chips or fragments, usually embedded in a matrix of mortar, cement, or plaster; the surface may be ground, polished, molded, or otherwise treated to simulate stone; variously called art marble, artificial marble, cast stone, marezzo, patent stone, and reconstructed stone.
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Beautifully handcrafted from cast stone, polymer marble composite, synthetic stone, or polyurethane, Melton Classics' low-maintenance balustrade systems are engineered to reduce weight yet maintain their substantial feel.
The kit includes a specially shaped triangular Medium Arkansas Stone for sharpening serrated edges, a Coarse Synthetic Stone for all other edges and a Fine Arkansas Stone for finishing.
The use of new materials -- wheatboard, synthetic stone overlays (Corian types) -- will also stimulate the need for longer life, more abrasion resistant tooling.
The figures, made with synthetic stone, are at the couple's summer home at Montauk, on Long Island, New York.
Although most synthetic stone manufacturers warn against using harsh cleaning or bleaching products or pressure washers on their stones, Rozema says he's used them on severely stained and moldy areas of stone at his own home without adverse effects.
TO create an attractive alpine sink garden, cover a deep, white glazed sink with synthetic stone known as hypertula.
The system ($30) comes with three stones: a coarse synthetic stone for restoring an edge, a medium triangle blade for serrated knives, and a fine Arkansas stone for finishing and fine sharpening.
In recognition of the growing demand for low maintenance, nearly every product in this house - whether it's brick siding, vinyl-clad aluminum trim, synthetic stone, or aluminum-sheathed windows - was selected for its durability.
New durable synthetic stone products can help builders achieve the same look for less money, but they're still more expensive than more widely used sidings.

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