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a liquid medicine containing a sugar solution for flavouring or preservation



a concentrated solution of a sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or maltose or combinations of them in water or fruit juice. Syrups are clear, viscous liquids; those made with fruit juice have an aroma of fruit. The caloric content of syrups is about 10 megajoules per kg (245–246 kilocalories per 100 g), and the sugar content varies from 40 to 80 percent. Water-based syrups with a sugar content of 30 to 60 percent are used in the making of jam, canned fruit, and confectionery. Fruit syrups are used to make individual servings of carbonated and still beverages.

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Continue to simmer the juices until syrupy, 5 to 10 minutes more.
Valentine's Day in the Philippines was celebrated traditionally, with a riot of red and pink roses, heart-shaped cards and syrupy love ballads.
It was a bit syrupy for my taste at the time, but recognizably good in a pop kind of way.
The Novice Wine Taster: Grapes and seeds/Punched by a thorn/Dripped/To a deep raspberry bitter/A cranberry hint of subterfuge//Perhaps a swish of the goblet shall free it/The essence spinning//Little spots of cork sinking in the whirling center//A burning berry bush/A deep cinnamon gone bad//Red as velvet in winter/Or purple oil with blood drops//Up the flat syrupy concoction/Under the palate//Nothing like the aroma
The taste might disappoint your customers if they are used to other energy drinks' syrupy sweet taste--it will remind them more of a sparkling water.
Children are often blanketed with syrupy, saccharine ideals that contradict the realities of life.
Half of the cane juice is crystallized into sugar and the other half, which can't crystallize, is a syrupy molasses that is fermented with yeast to make ethanol.
One of the most popular ingredients used is chicle (CHEEK -leh), a syrupy substance found in sapadilla (sah-pah-DEE-yah) trees that grow in Central America.
If the syrupy smell of pecan pie makes your mouth water, there's bad news: Last fall, severe storms wiped out crops of pecans in Alabama and Georgia--the United States' top growers.
But Tan and Pierre-Francois Vilanoba lacked the chemistry to pull off a syrupy Thais Pas de Deux, and a once-in-a-century opportunity was missed in ceding the program's finale to a warmed-over encore of Kenneth MacMillan's Elite Syncopations.
Don't patronize staff with general and syrupy praise, such as, "You're the best.