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a liquid medicine containing a sugar solution for flavouring or preservation
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a concentrated solution of a sugar such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, or maltose or combinations of them in water or fruit juice. Syrups are clear, viscous liquids; those made with fruit juice have an aroma of fruit. The caloric content of syrups is about 10 megajoules per kg (245–246 kilocalories per 100 g), and the sugar content varies from 40 to 80 percent. Water-based syrups with a sugar content of 30 to 60 percent are used in the making of jam, canned fruit, and confectionery. Fruit syrups are used to make individual servings of carbonated and still beverages.

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Is there a more syrupy genre than the commencement speech?
On the other, it's also a catalogue of all the things that have threatened to kill country music over the years: Elvis Presley, the record companies trying to turn country stars into syrupy, crossover pop artists, studio musicians being worked almost to death, the payola scandals...
But the ailing pet got his pecker up with a syrupy sip.
The wide aperture and super-repellent surface improves pipetting performance with viscous/ syrupy liquids, cultured cells and high-molecular weight polymers.
The concentrated beer is a syrupy substance that when mixed with carbonated water produces a fresh, full-flavored serving, CNET reported.
"Flavor is coffee and a little chocolate, with a really thick, syrupy mouthfeel."
Turn up the heat a little, then simmer for 15 mins until softened and surrounded by a syrupy sauce.
To keep the rhubarb from freezing into tooth-breaking fruity ice cubes, I stewed it with plenty of sugar, turning it into a syrupy compote.
Pour in the Grand Marnier and orange juice - this will make the caramel harden, so just simmer on a low heat, stirring, until it''s dissolved to a syrupy consistency.
That whinygirl voice, those syrupy songs, it's a fate worse than death!" " Bring her to the show, yo!
And the mac and cheese, the baked beans, the cornbread, the corn pudding and the syrupy sweet tea.
of language, gestures, expressions over couscous and syrupy tea.