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system administrator

A person who manages the computer systems in an organization. The responsibilities of a system administrator and network administrator often overlap; however, the system administrator is more geared to the computer hardware and less on the network, although in many cases, system and network administrator are one in the same, especially in smaller companies. A system administrator is involved with OS and hardware installations and configurations and may be involved with application installations and upgrades. A system administrator may also perform systems programmer activities. See network administrator, systems programmer, software technician, system development life cycle, job descriptions and salary survey.

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SysAdmin Day e-cards serve as a personalized token of appreciation for sysadmins
attribute sysadmin: something -> thisFacility; attribute sysadmin: thisFacility -> patientPersonalDetails; A role transition triple ([r.sub.1], [r.sub.2], [r.sub.3]) [member of] T specifies that a subject with the role [r.sub.1] can cause a subject with the role [r.sub.2] to lose that role and take on the role [r.sub.3] instead.
PhishTank argues that by making its blacklist available free of charge, consumers are better protected since more support staff at ISPs and sysadmins are informed of compromised websites in need of cleanup.
The sysadmin can check my password but is not the one who sees it every time I logon.
This conference, hosted by the SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institute, offers hands-on security training in firewalls, perimeter protection and VPNs.
The Times apparently had three problems, which opened the gateways: Misconfigured proxy servers to let the hacker in; overly helpful internal help files to point him (or her) in the right direction, and poor password security "from someone with sysadmin capability" to allow him to create his own account.
A reasonable person might believe that the above remarks were directed at either "sysadmin", "Andrew", or another author, even though they expressed hatred toward an entire group.
Equipo de Ingenieros de procesos con base en los roles gestion en la [Webmaster, SysAdmin, DBA entre otros] implementacion Tabla 3-Estrategia y Equipos de trabajo definidos implementando el enfoque DevSecOps + Risk Management ROL \ Fase de ingenieria de Fase de control de Actividades software calidad, Roles Lideres de proyecto y Establecer un equipo con desarrolladores.