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system administrator

A person who manages the computer systems in an organization. The responsibilities of a system administrator and network administrator often overlap; however, the system administrator is more geared to the computer hardware and less on the network, although in many cases, system and network administrator are one in the same, especially in smaller companies. A system administrator is involved with OS and hardware installations and configurations and may be involved with application installations and upgrades. A system administrator may also perform systems programmer activities. See network administrator, systems programmer, software technician, system development life cycle, job descriptions and salary survey.

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'Our entire SysAdmin Day 2019 campaign is designed for users to have fun and show their appreciation for all the hard work sysadmins do every day.'
While major trends that have impacted the complexity of the overall IT infrastructure, such as BYOD, are indeed at play, the survey shows sysadmins simply don't have the tools necessary to effectively manage email systems, such as Exchange.
These new capabilities enable sysadmins to inspect IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) data to list multicast router ports, multicast groups with active subscribers and their associated interfaces, all of which are important to many modern networking scenarios, including streaming media.
Sysadmins can benefit from wide range of productivity and filtering features.
And "When Sysadmins Ruled the World" imagines the consequences of a co-ordinated attack by infoweapons and bioagents.
One healthcare organisation recently advised Nemertes that roughly 50% of the devices on its IP network are medical monitoring devices -- which means that, for example, an on-call physician can remotely log into a system and review a patient's health (similar to the way that today's sysadmins can check on the health of a virtualserver).
GoGrid enables sysadmins, developers, and IT professionals to create, deploy, and control cloud environments and complex virtual and physical server networks with full administrative control.
with a final reference segment focusing especially on JRuby for sysadmins. A wealth of examples and sample code round out this absolute "must-have" for any programmer with an interest in JRuby.
PhishTank argues that by making its blacklist available free of charge, consumers are better protected since more support staff at ISPs and sysadmins are informed of compromised websites in need of cleanup.
According to the holiday's Web site, sysadmins have been work hard in a mostly thankless job most days.
The username is discourse, a name given me by others, passed down by parents and sysadmins, and mine because I can give it away.