system administration

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system administration

Activities performed by a system administrator (or "admin", "sysadmin", "site admin") such as monitoring security configuration, managing allocation of user names and passwords, monitoring disk space and other resource use, performing backups, and setting up new hardware and software.

system administrators often also help users, though in a large organisation this may be a separate job.

Compare postmaster, sysop, system management, systems programmer.

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Posted Thursday, the report envisions a system administration that acts primarily as a facilitator for the system's 14 campuses, calling for the elimination of all "top-down" initiatives in favor of having a "service provider" model.
Several contributors to this book acknowledged the problematic perceptual and experiential differences between institutions and system administration. This acknowledgement is a positive step in moving the entire organization--system administration and its institutions --toward better operational efficiencies and collaboration.
Candidates for the Enterprise Linux Certified Administrator credential demonstrate a high level of proficiency with Enterprise Linux system administration.
This exposure can significantly strengthen students' practical knowledge and understanding of system administration.
System administration includes user administration, system policy setting, log browser, and audit trails that support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
New Bluehill software from Instron, Canton, Mass., is divided into four major areas that can be accessed with one click: testing, test-method definition, reporting, and system administration. Application testing modules cover tension, compression, flexural, peel, tear, and friction testing.
The process to identify the functional requirements to manage each of the following document types is explored at length (one chapter per document type): paper documents, digital office documents, e-mails, document imaging and recognition technologies, workflow, engineering and technical drawings, and Web content management, in addition, part three discusses defining non-functional 1DCM requirements, such as system sizing, and system administration requirements, including the information technology environment in which an IDCM solution will be deployed.
Providence Health System administration and PACE faculty felt it was important to reverse the radiology utilization trend and improve clinic performance.
The Dominican Republic has received a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank for the User's Irrigation System Administration Program (Loan No.
Collaboration involves a variety of other networking technologies, points out CIMdata: audio conferencing, teleconferencing, synchronous visualization tools, data translators, and "system administration tools to control access and manage collaborative data and relationships."
* Smooth Moves for Real Savings--Simplified system administration is also providing savings.
The contractor will provide help desk services, system administration, network administration, inventory control, IT technical acquisition support and telecommunications services.

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