system administration

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system administration

Activities performed by a system administrator (or "admin", "sysadmin", "site admin") such as monitoring security configuration, managing allocation of user names and passwords, monitoring disk space and other resource use, performing backups, and setting up new hardware and software.

system administrators often also help users, though in a large organisation this may be a separate job.

Compare postmaster, sysop, system management, systems programmer.

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The course reviews the tasks covered in Red Hat System Administration I and II, but at an accelerated pace.
In the case of multi-campus systems, one of the most frustrating cultural aspects of system administration during the past three decades has been the tension between system administration and its constituent institutions.
Positive Reviews for "UNIX System Administration Handbook"
It combines RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH199) and System Administration III (RH254)--eight days of training--into a single course.
Windows PowerShell helps IT Professionals achieve greater productivity and more easily automate Windows system administration tasks," said Rob Bernard, General Manager, Worldwide ISV Group at Microsoft.
Unicon provides optional system administration and customer support for either the Open-Source or Network Edition of the Zimbra solution.
The system administration group of CNNIC made the decision to move forward with the Sentivist real-time threat protection solution based on NFR Security's reputation for providing innovative security solutions.
Applications include Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Automated Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, Unified Messaging, Interactive Voice Response, Automatic Call Distribution and Reporting, Web-based Personal and System Administration, Web-based Telephone Applications, and other third party applications.
SSH Tectia enables secure system administration, secure file transfer and secure application connectivity with centralized management throughout the internal and external network.
Built-in system administration features are also provided by CygNet Explorer and all clients are automatically updated through CygNet's version management system.
2 also offers new functionality in class code maintenance, risk units and sub units, flexibility for optional values, system administration login security, and retrieval of client information during renewals.

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