system management

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system management

Activities performed by a system manager, aiming to minimise the use of excessive, redundant resources to address the overlapping requirements of performance balancing, network management, reducing outages, system maintenance costs, diagnosis and repair, and migration to new hardware and software system versions.

Compare: system administration.
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systems management

(1) Software that manages computer systems in an enterprise, which may include any and all of the following functions: software distribution and upgrading, user profile management, version control, backup and recovery, printer spooling, job scheduling, virus protection and performance and capacity planning. Depending on organizational philosophy, systems management may include network management or come under it. See network management and configuration management.

(2) The management of systems development, which includes systems analysis & design, application development and implementation. See system development life cycle.

(3) The management of the computer systems within an organization. Used in this context, the term may refer to the entire IT organization or just to datacenter management.
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The head of state stressed the importance of conducting discussions with relevant government agencies in order to improve the lighting system management of the city of Baku and preparing relevant projects.
As a result of this transaction, KTZ's ownership in Logistic System Management B.V.
Without comprehensive ongoing system management, every security system--no matter how advanced the technology--will fail.
Ongoing system management incorporates responsibilities, such as administering cards for newly hired and recently promoted employees.
An end-user system management solution completes the view and provides analysis from the end-users perspective.
Business assurance solutions provider System Management ARTS Inc is supplying its InCharge real-time diagnostic tool to Vanco, a virtual network operator.
The Anteon Team will provide support in each of the OPTARSS contract task areas: operational planning; training; modeling and simulation; flight operations; mobilization plans and execution; deployment operations; C4I system management; program management processes; force protection; Army transformation support and Army organizational support.
The International Programs Directorate at the Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP-OF) serves as the Security Assistance Directorate at the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP 07) and operates in three different, but complementary, environments: supply chain management and secondary item support, foreign military sales, and weapons system management. Recognizing our position in these environments, NAVICP-OF/NAVSUP 07 has developed a strategic business plan that serves our constituencies, using touchstones that keep us focused on the main thing, delivering combat capability, through robust logistics support, to our allies.
HP-UX also loses some ground it gained in 1997 due to its failure to ship promised Java-based system management tools, a key enabler for remote system management." Behind all of these Unixes comes Windows NT Enterprise Edition which "still trails Unix in every area except for PC client support." It notes Microsoft's progress in developing highly-integrated features such as built-in OLTP and links between database and web servers, but says NT falls short of matching Unix competitors for advanced internet protocols and extensions.
He engaged Candle Consulting and Services to specify his requirements and customize and install the product to deliver a solution to his system management needs.

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