system operator

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system operator

(job, jargon)
(Always abbreviated to "sysop") /sis'op/ A term used in the BBS world for the operator of a bulletin-board system (who is usually also the owner).

A common neophyte mistake on FidoNet is to address a message to "sysop" in an international echo, thus sending it to hundreds of sysops around the world.

Contrast: system administrator.
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"We will have Napocor as system operator, because right now, it is with the distribution utilities," Energy Undersecretary Felix William B.
Middle part of the paper describes types of IAM proposals and their use by the system operator. The paper concludes with the presented IAM adaptive learning algorithm.
This is the second initiative that TAP has undertaken, following an agreement with Croatian system operator Plinacro Ltd.
The Winter Outlook Report was published by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) on 1 December.
Regarding the ITO model, MEPs agreed that there should be a 'supervisory body' of energy company representatives, third party shareholders, and transmission system operator representatives--responsible for decisions 'which may have a significant impact on the value of the assets of the shareholders'; a 'compliance programme' setting out measures preventing 'discriminatory conduct' affecting rival suppliers; and a 'compliance officer' monitoring this programme.
The Vyyo 'T1-in-a-Box' solution reportedly offers cable system operators a simple, cost-effective way to generate a stable, high-margin revenue stream through the deployment of business services.
They will be known as Combat System Operators. Those who complete this new training will fill traditional navigator aircraft assignments, battle management roles, or be capable of operating UAVs and remotely piloted aircraft.
In a joint single port manager and port operations mission, a team could be developed on a 16-member composition: Commander, 1; NCOIC, 1; marine cargo specialists, 6; transportation operations specialist, 1; transportation specialists 4; freight rate specialist, 2; and Worldwide Port System operator, 1.
"They're not buying power, there is no interruptible power, the prices haven't gone up, so they're in fine shape." Pasadena also has a municipal power system, but it is tied into the California Independent System Operator, which controls the state grid.
Once installed, the software allows the system operator to name the bulletin board; divide it into separate areas for messages, bulletins, and files; and control access.
Each system operator acquires profit-maximizing levels of programming

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