systems analyst

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systems analyst

systems analyst

The person responsible for the development of an information system. Systems analysts design and modify systems by turning user requirements into a set of functional specifications, which are the blueprint of the system. They design the database unless done by a data administrator. Analysts develop the manual and machine procedures and the specifications for each data entry, update, query and report program in the system.

The Architects
Systems analysts are the architects, as well as the project leaders, of an information system. It is their job to develop solutions to users' problems, determine the technical and operational feasibility of their solutions, as well as estimate the costs to develop and implement them.

They develop prototypes of the system along with the users, so that the final specifications are examples of screens and reports that have been carefully reviewed. Experienced analysts leave no doubt in users' minds as to what is being developed, and they insist that all responsible users review and sign off on every detail.

A Balanced Mix
Systems analysts require a balanced mix of business and technical knowledge, interviewing and analytical skills and a good understanding of human behavior. See system development life cycle, data administrator, job descriptions, salary survey and Systemantics.

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INTERESTING WORK A wide variety of skills are needed to be a successful systems analyst
For instance, a strong budget analyst makes an excellent candidate for a business systems analyst supporting the budget module in an ERP system.
However, systems analysts can also take on some of these roles and are often closely involved in the design process.
Although compliance with the UK VDU regulations is ultimately the preserve of user management within the organization, the systems analyst has a professional responsibility to ensure that such issues are brought to light and included in user training.
The directors were asked to select a systems analyst randomly to complete and return the questionnaire.
In that same year, the median annual earnings for systems analysts and programmers were $38,700 and $34,000, while the middle 50 percent earned $30,900 to $50,700 and $25,700 to $42,000, respectively.
The systems analyst plays the role of the designer.
5 million people work as systems analysts, engineers, and scientists; and the BLS projects a 36% (or greater) increase in such jobs over the next six years.
The user group and organization can adopt a deontological stance, since they will have a view of what is morally unacceptable to themselves, but unless the systems analyst has belonged to these groups he may not appreciate the user and organizational viewpoints.
Grant Denten, who joined AFS in September as ITS systems analyst, will assume the responsibilities of managing the computer department and mailroom, the coordination of efforts of outside computer consultants and contractors, and acting as a liaison with AFS associates regarding information needs and problems.
He had worked as a systems analyst in the aerospace industry.
He began his tenure with the firm in 1985 as a Systems Analyst, responsible for the coordination and modernization of Robert Martin's management information systems.

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