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Israel-based credit card firm, Isracard has selected Temenos' T24 core banking system to simplify its systems architecture.
Open systems architecture uses standards-based interfaces and data formats to reduce cybersecurity risks.
The DoD Open Systems Architecture Contract Guidebook for Program Managers (hereafter referred to as the Guidebook) addresses both of the points above by providing Program Managers (PMs) with the basic elements to capture the benefits of an open business model in order to create a competitive environment.
BMW will use the V6 PLM solutions as a new platform for embedded systems architecture, integration and design.
WellSpan Health, located in York, Pa., contracted with Unibased Systems Architecture Inc.
Brad Kowal, assistant director of the Information Services data center with Shands, says, "When searching for a content management solution, we were looking for an open systems architecture distributed system that would support our Oracle ( strategy, as well as improve data capture and provide a scalable solution allowing secure access to all types of content.
* Completing the CITP Application and accumulating at least 100 points, which are earned based on your amount of business experience (in everything from IT strategic planning to systems architecture to security planning) and lifelong learning;
It began in earnest in the 1960s when IBM's System/360 introduced the concept of systems architecture for the first time.
This distributed systems architecture also eliminates the single point of failure common with other clustering technologies by replicating data across storage servers, allowing the cluster to survive the loss of one or more storage servers.
The Smithsonian Institution has a requirement for comprehensive engineering support for information technology systems architecture and engineering services.
PDM's systems architecture allows for substantial competitive advantage and TCO savings due to its ability to support multiple applications, its ability to scale, its central administration features, and its exceptional reliability.
Working with Microsoft, Unisys has announced the Infrastructure Blueprint for Microsoft Systems Architecture (IB for MSA).

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