systems building

prefabricated construction

A construction method relying primarily on the use of standardized manufactured components; consists largely of assembling these parts rather than fabricating them at the site.
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Specifically, (a) the MYS will be responsible for the implementing of pre-employment social support and capacity and systems building; (b) LACE will be responsible for the implementation of household enterprises, life skills support, productive public works, as well as capacity and systems building; and (c) the MGCSP will be responsible for implementing capacity and systems building for cash transfers.
ERIC Descriptors: Young Children; Mental Health Programs; Consultation Programs; Delivery Systems; Models; Capacity Building; Program Effectiveness; Systems Building; Outreach Programs; Pilot Projects
At a broader level ECMH has increased the awareness and access across regions through the development of resource libraries, provision of networking and educational opportunities, and participation in or facilitation of systems building efforts.
have announced a joint solution for Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rule Management (BRM) systems building and maintenance.
Arkansas Systems Building LLC, led by Henry Kelley Jr., obtained the loan from Firstar Bank of Milwaukee.
This component will contribute to addressing youth labor market participation and behavioral constraints through the following three subcomponents: pre-employment social support, household enterprises, and capacity and systems building. The second component is the productive public works and life skills support.
ERIC Descriptors: Foster Care; Caring; Juvenile Justice; City Government; Youth Programs; Disadvantaged Youth; Youth Opportunities; Guidelines; Academic Achievement; Labor Force Development; Transitional Programs; Developmental Studies Programs; Systems Building; Needs Assessment; Strategic Planning; Urban Youth
Contract notice: Air conditioning systems building a4 / c11 fachhochschule wE-rzburg-schweinfurt.

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