systems integration

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systems integration

[¦sis·təmz ‚in·tə′grā·shən]
(systems engineering)
A discipline that combines processes and procedures from systems engineering, systems management, and product development for the purpose of developing large-scale complex systems that involve hardware and software and may be based on existing or legacy systems coupled with totally new requirements to add significant functionality.

Systems integration

A discipline that combines processes and procedures from systems engineering, systems management, and product development for the purpose of developing large-scale complex systems. These complex systems involve hardware and software and may be based on existing or legacy systems coupled with new requirements to add significant added functionality. Systems integration generally involves combining products of several contractors to produce the working system. Systems integration applications range from creation of complex inventory tracking systems to designing flight simulation models and reengineering large logistics systems.

Life-cycle activities

Application of systems integration processes and procedures generally follows the life cycle for systems engineering. Minimally, these systems engineering life-cycle phases are requirements definition, design and development, and operations and maintenance. For systems integration, these three phases are usually expanded to include feasibility analysis, program and project plans, logical and physical design, design compatibility and interoperability tests, reviews and evaluations, and graceful system retirement.

Primary uses

Systems integration is essential to the design and development of information systems that automate key operations for business and government. It is required for major procurements for the military services and for private businesses.


Systems integration approaches enable early capture of design and implementation needs. The interactions and interfaces across existing system fragments and new requirements are especially critical. It is necessary that interface and intermodule interactions and relationships across components and subsystems that bring together new and existing equipment and software be articulated. The systems integration approach supports this through application of both a top-down and a bottom-up design philosophy; full compliance with audittrail needs, system-level quality assurance, and risk assessment and evaluation; and definition and documentation of all aspects of the program. It also provides a framework that incorporates appropriate systems management application to all program aspects. A principal advantage of this approach is that it disaggregates large and complex issues and problems into well-defined sequences of simpler problems and issues that are easier to understand, manage, and build. See Information systems engineering, Systems analysis, Systems engineering

systems integration

Making diverse components work together. See systems integrator and NASI.
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As prime contractor, Lockheed Martin will provide systems integration, system operation and sustainment, program management, system maintenance, as well as technology infusion functions.
The system-level evaluation will identify the different systems integration approaches, document how they are implemented, and measure their impact on system capacity and system barriers.
Kerry Thomas brings extensive systems integration and corporate information systems expertise to DVS," said John Kelly.
Whether flown as a stand-alone unit or integrated with other situational awareness subsystems, LOAM will provide military helicopter crews with higher levels of flight safety and mission success," said Steve Ramsey, Executive Vice President at Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego.
For more information on systems, burn-in boards, and related services, contact Micron Systems Integration at 208-368-3825.
NewMarket has combined a traditional systems integration and support services capacity with a specialized asset-based approach to assisting its clients with the delicate balance between maintaining legacy systems and gaining a competitive edge from the latest technology innovations.
The business, which will continue to operate under the Antares name, will focus on systems integration opportunities in the Canadian market.
Digital's worldwide vice president of Systems Integration and Professional Services, and will be responsible for providing leadership and direction for the delivery of systems integration solution services to customers in 13 territories across the world through Digital's newly-created, industry-focused, customer business units.
The Evernet acquisition enhances our capabilities as an enterprise- wide systems integration company better able to serve our customers," said Jim Ousley, president and CEO of Control Data Systems.
WebLayers, the leading provider of policy-based governance solutions for strategic IT initiatives, today introduced WebLayers Center(TM), the industry's first enterprise-class platform for policy-based governance that delivers unprecedented extensibility and scalability required for any strategic IT initiative such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), outsourcing/off-shoring and enterprise systems integration.
This acquisition illustrates Ericsson's (NASDAQ: ERICY) ambition to further strengthen and develop its leading position within telecommunications services and the focus areas of systems integration, telecom management and operational support systems (OSS).
Ericsson has performed end-to-end systems integration, including evaluation and integration of third-party products according to Movilnet's specific needs.

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