systems management

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systems management

(1) Software that manages computer systems in an enterprise, which may include any and all of the following functions: software distribution and upgrading, user profile management, version control, backup and recovery, printer spooling, job scheduling, virus protection and performance and capacity planning. Depending on organizational philosophy, systems management may include network management or come under it. See network management and configuration management.

(2) The management of systems development, which includes systems analysis & design, application development and implementation. See system development life cycle.

(3) The management of the computer systems within an organization. Used in this context, the term may refer to the entire IT organization or just to datacenter management.
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This product covers the latest trends in the IT systems management market, coupled with insight into the vendor landscape and market size in the IT systems management domain.
- Integration of Chromebook data greatly simplifies daily administrative, security and systems management of Chrome devices.
Identification of the top ICT vendors in the IT systems management market, coupled with an overview of the top 5 vendors.
Very simply, a systems reliability and maintainability and its resultant availability influence many of the key factors that encompass a total systems management approach.
There is a large demand for a systems management offering that is based on the maturity of IT in the organisation, not simply on employee headcount, while being tailored for the unique budgetary and operational challenges found in a mid-size company.
Norwegian IT group EDB Business Partner ASA said on Friday (1 July) that it had received a renewed systems management and operation contract from the Norwegian bank SpareBank 1.
Systems Management Solutions said it will operate the biodiesel plant through SMS as a part of its Environmental Solutions Division.
Judging by a number of recent product announcements, the major systems management vendors have jumped on this trend.
For over five years, the Defense Acquisition University, Defense Systems Management College, has offered a full program of international acquisition training and education at the intermediate level and beyond.
Candle Corp swears it didn't get an offer for its Omegamon business from Computer Associates International Inc even though our sources say Candle chairman Aubrey Chernick turned down an approach for the mainframe systems management software.
Thyssen Informatik GmbH, the systems management arm of German steel and manufacturing conglomerate Thyssen AG, manages the mainframe systems of a large number of Thyssen AG subsidiaries, and of a rapidly growing list of external customers.
People and systems management costs consume the largest shares of any budgeted activity.

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