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Making small, isolated tack welds.
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(Russian lavirovanie). (1) The movement of a vessel with frequent changes in the course to evade certain obstacles (ice floes, underwater hazards, and so on).

(2) The maneuvering of a sailing vessel that permits it to advance against the wind; it is accomplished by setting the sails close-hauled alternately on starboard and port tacks.



the process of bringing a sailing vessel onto a different tack by turning the bow of the vessel into the wind. The tacking maneuver is usually executed when the vessel is sailing close-hauled. Tacking is easier to execute for fore-and-aft rigged vessels than for square-rigged vessels.

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The 9th Circuit affirmed the district court's decision, noting that the question of tacking is a "highly fact-sensitive inquiry" to be resolved by juries.
Waters 1926, 400-01, identified the Norse origin of beiter (yet did not recognize the reflex in Wace's betas) but at the time of writing could scarcely have known of the tacking potential of Norse ships and so translates as 'to cruise', which entails a criss-cross course but not one intended to advance in a headwind.
The lesson program focuses on grooming, tacking up, and then riding.
Other games include sitting on the horses while passing beach balls back and forth, jumping on and off the horses (to help alleviate fears of falling), tacking races, and even completing an obstacle course where the children guide the horses over poles, around barrels, and through mazes.
The very narrow decision, written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, helps to explain who will decide these disputes over tacking.