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larval, aquatic stage of any of the amphibianamphibian,
in zoology, cold-blooded vertebrate animal of the class Amphibia. There are three living orders of amphibians: the frogs and toads (order Anura, or Salientia), the salamanders and newts (order Urodela, or Caudata), and the caecilians, or limbless amphibians (order
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 animals. After hatching from the egg, the tadpole, sometimes called a polliwog, is gill-breathing and legless and propels itself by means of a tail. During the period of metamorphosismetamorphosis
[Gr.,=transformation], in zoology, term used to describe a form of development from egg to adult in which there is a series of distinct stages. Many insects, amphibians, mollusks, crustaceans, and fishes undergo metamorphosis, which may involve a change in habitat,
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 it develops the lungs, legs, and other organs of the adult and, in the frog and the toad, loses the tail.



the larva of tailless amphibians. Developing from eggs, tadpoles live an aquatic life. They have external gills, a two-chambered heart, a long tail that serves for movement, an adhering organ used for attachment to underwater objects, and lateral line organs: there are no extremities. Tadpoles feed chiefly on plants.

After three or four months of development, metamorphosis takes place. The heart becomes three-chambered, breathing by means of lungs develops, a second circulatory system (respiratory circulation) develops, the gills and gill chamber become reduced, the tail disappears, and the hind legs grow greatly, becoming the basic organs for movement. The horny beak drops off, the mouth enlarges, and the intestine shortens. The sense organs also change. The middle ear chamber develops along with the drum, and the eyes acquire movable lids. The lateral line organs disappear. When these changes are completed, a small frog comes onto dry land with the fully developed extremities of a terrestrial vertebrate.


(vertebrate zoology)
The larva of a frog or toad; at hatching it has a rounded body with a long fin-bordered tail, and the gills are external but shortly become enclosed.


the aquatic larva of frogs, toads, etc., which develops from a limbless tailed form with external gills into a form with internal gills, limbs, and a reduced tail
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Representing General Dynamics Itronix' continuing investment in enhancing computing capability, the Tadpole ultra-thin clients enable enhanced information sharing, security and agility for users in virtually any organization that relies on information technology.
After the removal of the labial tooth row, we returned each tadpole to its focal container and aerated the water for 30 min.
semimarmorata population, tadpole mortality due to early pool drying has been reported in other Pseudophryne species from south-eastern Australia with similar breeding habits, including P.
The six chemical cue treatments were: (1) caged, feeding Anax (dragonfly kairomones, tadpole alarm cues, possibly metabolites); (2) caged, unfed Anax (kairomones only); (3) feeding Anax cue without caged Anax (kairomones and alarm cues); (4) unfed Anax cue without caged Anax (kairomones only); (5) tadpole-Triton cue (alarm cues only); and (6) water only (control).
The Ventura County tadpoles were observed 9 November 2015, nearly two months later than available late-season tadpole records.
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I use line-counter reels to measure line from Tadpole to planer board.
During tadpole stage, an adequate management is crucial to maintain high surveillance and reach metamorphose stage in the shortest possible time.
In species ensembles of aquatic communities, chironomid larvae, tadpoles, and snails exploit detritus as a resource.
They saved thousands of tadpoles in danger of dying as the pond in which they had been born became in grave danger of drying up in the heatwave which hit Huddersfield.