takeoff distance available

takeoff distance available (TODA/TODAH)

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i. As it pertains to fixed-wing aircraft, TODA is the total distance from the brake release to reference zero at the screen. The takeoff distance can be more than the total runway length available in extreme cases; the available takeoff distance may be equal to the runway length, the length of a clearway, and that of the stop-way.
ii. As used for helicopter operations, it (TODAH) is the length of the final approach and takeoff area plus the length of the helicopter clearway (if provided) declared available and suitable for helicopters to complete the takeoff. See takeoff decision point.
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This means the Takeoff Run Available and Takeoff Distance Available (TORA and TODA) in either direction is 5600 feet.
TODA, Takeoff Distance Available, is TORA plus the length of any remaining runway or clearway beyond the TORA distance.