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To set the horizontal cross hair of a theodolite in the direction of a grade when establishing a grade between two points of known level.
The inclination of a geologic structure, especially a fold axis, measured by its departure from the horizontal. Also known as pitch; rake.



a city and administrative center of Plungė Raion, Lithuanian SSR. Located on the Babrungas River of the Neman River basin. Railroad station on the Klaipeda-Ŝ iauliai line. Population, 16,000 (1974). Plungė has factories that produce linen fabrics and artificial leather. It also has a butter factory and plants that manufacture structural elements and silos. There is a building technicum in Plunge.

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So he takes the plunge and asks Geraldine - played by Carmel Stephens - to marry him at a dinner dance.
TOP golfer Colin Montgomerie takes the plunge on a luxurious Caribbean holiday with his family.