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(computer science)
A set of instructions, data, and control information capable of being executed by the central processing unit of a digital computer in order to accomplish some purpose; in a multiprogramming environment, tasks compete with one another for control of the central processing unit, but in a nonmultiprogramming environment a task is simply the current work to be done.



(1) An assigned goal one strives to achieve.

(2) An errand or assignment.

(3) A problem that must be solved with specific information and reflection—for example, a mathematical problem, a chess problem, a logic problem, or a writing problem.

(4) A method of instruction and of checking accomplishments and skills used in all types of general and specialized schools.


An independently running program. See multitasking.
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Here, in the guise of Dr Terrible, he introduces another chilling tale, in a spoof comedy which takes to task the numerous low budget Hammer films of the late Sixties and early Seventies; those which welded several short stories together to pad out a feature.
He also takes to task those who criticize the apparent racism of the Country's New Economic Policy with its affirmative action in favour of the 'bumiputera' Malays, while ignoring the colonial history that independent Malaysia inherited.
Her critique of academic historians, whom she takes to task for their identification with a post-Enlightenment mentality and for a refusal to admit the possibility of supernatural agency, leads to the unwarranted deduction that they are therefore unable to understand the way in which early modern people thought.