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The on-stage talk-off between the pair follows reports Johnson is plotting a sensational return to parliament.
Agent Connect, Screen Pop Connect, Hello Connect, Email Connect and SMS Connect are just the latest in a long list of robust features, such as Custom Call Lists, Cell Phone Scrub, Real-time Reporting, State and Federal Compliance, Agent Talk-off Recording, Call Escalation, Real-time Call Suppression, Dashboard Reporting, and Hot Key Transfer," said Craig Bird.
Such units are subject to various talk-off effects, where speech is falsely interpreted as tones, with disruptive effects to calls.
Standard algorithms include AccuTalk, with six digitization and compression rates with volume control; AccuPitch pitch corrected speed control; advanced call progress analysis with AccuCall Plus; AccuDigit DTMF detection with talk-off rejection; AccuTone multi-frequency detection; and Positive Voice Control, which detects answers within milliseconds by distinguishing between voice, call progress signals, noise and silence.