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sales pitch

, talk
an argument or other persuasion used in selling


(chat, tool, networking, messaging)
A Unix program and protocol supporting conversation between two or more users who may be logged into the same computer or different computers on a network. Variants include ntalk, ytalk, and ports or emulators of these programs for other platforms.

Unix has the talk program and protocol and its variants xtalk and ytalk for the X Window System; VMS has phone; Windows for Workgroups has chat. ITS also has a talk system. These split the screen into separate areas for each user.

Unix's write command can also be used, though it does not attempt to separate input and output on the screen.

Users of such systems are said to be in talk mode which has many conventional abbreviations and idioms. Most of these survived into chat jargon, but many fell out of common use with the migration of user prattle from talk-like systems to chat systems in the early 1990s. These disused talk-specific forms include:

"BYE?" - are you ready to close the conversation? This is the standard way to end a talk-mode conversation; the other person types "BYE" to confirm, or else continues the conversation.

"JAM"/"MIN" - just a minute

"O" - "over" (I have stopped talking). Also "/" as in x/y - x over y, or two newlines (the latter being the most common).

"OO" - "over and out" - end of conversation.

"\" - Greek lambda.

"R U THERE?" - are you there?

"SEC" - wait a second.

"/\/\/" - laughter. But on a MUD, this usually means "earthquake fault".

See also talk bomb.
References in classic literature ?
You've opened your house to Jones and me in the most generous way; Jones was remark- ing upon it to-day, just before you came back from the village; for although he wouldn't be likely to say such a thing to you -- because Jones isn't a talker, and is diffident in society -- he has a good heart and a grateful, and knows how to appreciate it when he is well treated; yes, you and your wife have been very hospitable toward us --"
L'Abbe Fouquet perceived that the poet, absent-minded, as usual, was about to follow the two talkers, and he interposed.
I often think that the celebrated talkers of the last century would have found it difficult to talk cleverly now.
Among the talkers, was Stryver, of the King's Bench Bar, far on his way to state promotion, and, therefore, loud on the theme: broaching to Monseigneur, his devices for blowing the people up and exterminating them from the face of the earth, and doing without them: and for accomplishing many similar objects akin in their nature to the abolition of eagles by sprinkling salt on the tails of the race.
The hands of the clock verging upon the hour of closing the Bank, there was a general set of the current of talkers past Mr.
The second point is: I hate ribaldry and ribald talkers.
In a White House ceremony held by President Trump to honor them last November, 90-year-old code talker Peter MacDonald said that their act of patriotism crossed all boundaries of language and culture.
I do not believe Michael Bisping is a good trash talker.
Lazarowich's own uncle, Charles "Checker" Tomkins, was a Cree code talker and will be featured in the film.
Code talker Chester Nez's Navajo (Dine) tongue helped pave the way to an allied win in the Second World War.
Clip Strip has also added to its EG-Series of plastic shelf-edge sign holders, which create flush- or flag-style shelf-talking vehicles, Spitaletta says, as well as rolling out a take-one coupon book shelf talker.
Melissa is a Talker, one who can communicate with dragons, a talent that makes her extremely valuable to both the military and the resistance.