tallut, tallet, tallot

(Brit.) A loft or attic.
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The most popular `both' core words are OLLA and (necessarily) ALLO ALLO and OLLA: FALL OF, HALLOH, HOLLAH, ROLLAR, SOLLAS, TALLOT, WALLOW, YALLOY.
The following persons participated in the design or implementation of this version of the system: Gustavo Arango, Francois Bancilhon, Christian Bernardi, Pascale Biriotti, Patrick Borras, Philippe Bridon, Sophie Cluet, Vineeta Darnis, David DeWitt, Edouard Duvillier, Guy Ferran, Philippe Futtersack, Sophie Gamerman, Constance Grosselin, Gilbert Harrus, Laurence Haux, Mark James, Catherine Lanquette, Didier Leveque, Joelle Madec, David Maier, Shaun Marsh, Didier Plateau, Bruno Poyet, Michel Raoux, Didier Tallot, and Fernando Velez.