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Japanese ash, tamo

A light, yellowish wood having a grain similar to oak; esp. used for veneer.
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The TaMo RaceMo has a modular, floating structure, and is built on the new MOFlex platform.
TAMO 411 resulted from the cross of TAMO 405 and PlotSpike oats made in 2003, he said.
Tamo said that some Kurdish parties have taken a clear stance regarding the Syrian revolution and have joined the youthful movements in Syria.
Both sen and tamo are used for similar applications, including furniture, cabinetry, agricultural handles and sporting equipment.
Mechelen won 1-0 and bad boy Tamo was dismissed after the assault on Quitongo brought a second booking.
Nos tamo un ano y media transferir la autoridad de las rutas [latinoamericanas] de Challenge a UPS.
Jim Campbell, a forester with the Corps' Project Office in Pine Bluff, said Northwest Arkansas Tree Service is contracted to fix damage by March 31 at Tar Camp Park near Redfield, Dam Site 5 near Jefferson and Trulock Park Pool 3 near Tamo.
The main characters in The pirate's son are the prudish young Englishman Nathan Gull and Tamo White, the son of a pirate and a native woman from Madagascar.
Secretariat LA495 is moderately resistant to most races of crown rust and had an average crown rust rating of 2 in the 1997 UWOYN, compared with 7 for Brooks, 5 for Florida 501, and 0 for TAMO 397 (on a scale of 0 to 9, where a 0 indicates a highly resistant reaction and a 9 indicates a highly susceptible reaction type).
Samsodin; his live-in partner Aslimah Aliba, 23; and his relative and alleged drug courier Mohair Masicuin, 28, are facing charges for selling 25 grams of 'shabu' (crystal meth) in a buy-bust operation conducted by the QCPD and the Armed Forces in Mapayapa Village 1, Pasong Tamo.
Bryan Montawan, 18, was shot dead in an alleged car chase with police along Congressional Avenue in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City at past midnight yesterday.