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The issue of context, of the critical understanding of history and politics, is evident in a case described by a parent, where, despite the very best of intentions, ECE teachers upset local tangata whenua by teaching a haka.
The tangata whenua of Aotearoa are related to some of the indigenous tribes of Taiwan.
kaitiakitanga describes the mantel of responsibility worn by tangata whenua to promote the care and protection of natural taonga--the waters, coasts, oceans, flora and fauna, forests, mountains, the earth and the sky.
Accounting for the effect of body mass on the relationship between ethnicity and body dissatisfaction may be important in a population such as New Zealand Tangata Whenua Maori women, who are overrepresented in overweight and obese groups compared to European women (Metcalf, Scragg, Willoughby, Finau & Tipene-Leach, 2000).
Te Whanau o Tieke say that neither body accords them proper recognition as tangata whenua through descendence from Tamahaki, the mother's sister's son (mzs) of the officially recognized tipuna awa (river ancestors).
48) Nevertheless, demystifying the darkness a little, at the heart of the relations between Pakeha and Maori lies a schematic of filiation--the friendship between migrant and host, Pakeha and Maori, tauiwi (non-Maori New Zealanders) and tangata whenua (people of the land)?
According to the experts, Wales were thus perfectly within their rights to 'be defiant, eyeball them and sing it in a way that says, 'this is us, this is who we are, we're the tangata whenua (the traditional owners and protectors of the land)'.
Or, as the tangata whenua would respond to the question of what is most important: He tangata.
Whether you are a tangata whenua whose ancestors came on one of the great waka, or a pakeha whose great-great grandmother came on a sailing ship from England, or whether you arrived here by jumbo jet from Japan last year, this ability to adapt and to do whatever it takes is in your blood.
The Crown then, having seduced the few tangata whenua proponents of the prison, with promises of good times (although peppercorn rentals) in return for access and the necessary approval to utilise their lands, promptly (and literally) jumped the fence and bought the larger property next door from its Pakeha owners for a considerable amount of taxpayers' money.
At the same time, international global trade agreements pushed by the WTO undermine Maori claims to special rights as tangata whenua ("people of the land"), including sovereignty rights.
They also enable local descent groups to carry out their obligations as tangata whenua (local people, "people of the land"; see the appended glossary for brief definitions of other Maori terms used in this paper).