tanguile, tangile

A hardwood which resembles true mahogany, but shrinks and swells to a greater extent when exposed to moisture; the sapwood is light red, and the heartwood is brownish red.
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These dipterocarp trees include tangile (205 stands), white lauan (120), mayapis (51), bagtikan (22) and other non-dipterocarp trees hindang, ulayan, malatambis, narra and bitanghol.
Instead, Imee said that Bagtikan, Lauan, Tangile, Guyo, Yakal, Apitong are what is known as Philippine Mahogany.
Hamiguitan include the slipper orchid, nepenthes, staghorn fern, rhododendrons and Philippine hardwoods, such as yakal and tangile.
Red lauan, white lauan, red meranti, dark red meranti, light red seraya, dark red seraya, tanguile, tangile, bataan, mayapis, tiaong, obar suluk, saya, meranti ketuko, nemesu, almon, mayapis and alan.