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1. a Latin American dance in duple time, characterized by long gliding steps and sudden pauses
2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance



a modern ballroom dance of Argentinian origin. The tango is in duple time and has the same rhythmic form as the habanera. One of the most popular ballroom dances of America and Europe, it is also performed on the stage. The tango rhythm is used in both instrumental and vocal music. The dance is usually included in ballroom dancing courses.


(1) An augmented reality platform. See Google Tango.

(2) A phone and video calling application over Wi-Fi or cellular for Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iPhone and Android from TangoME, Inc., Palo Alto, CA (www.tango.me). Callers can record a video message if the recipient does not answer. Tango competes with the hugely popular Skype and FaceTime video calling services.

(3) The code name for a minor update to Version 7.5 of Windows Phone. See Windows Phone.
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Although opera and tango may appear to be from distant worlds, they are seen as sharing important roots in the melodic expressiveness of belcanto, added the release.
Tango Lovers is a non-profit organization created with the global vision and the objective to reach different cultures and generations.
They had all worked with me in tango and are excellent tango dancers but they hadn't really done contemporary dance.
Clearly, Kumar's tremendous passion for tango has held him in good stead.
In Lebanon, all tango lovers know about Milonguita, an event organized monthly at St.
Then, for them, tango is a very important communication instrument.
After four years of tango instruction, Zajac is just as passionate about the dance, despite a serious car accident that landed her in a wheelchair for two months last November.
We have a slew of products and services that reflect our popular music," says Alejandro Rinaldi, head of public relations at Tango Brujo.
The couple began dancing at the UO's EMU Ballroom and the Vets Club on Willamette Street, and Bryant was struck by just how much tango was happening in Eugene.
The mixed group of Mexican and Argentine tango teachers have grown from one single couple a decade ago to upwards of 20 today.
She added that Tango aimed to pitch itself not just as a flavoured carbonate drink but as a youth brand in the same kind of street cred league as PlayStation2, Chunky KitKat and Budweiser.
Sit back, put your feet up and pour yourself a lovely cuppa Tango, while we tell you how to win the prizes you have always dreamed of.