tape library

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tape library

[′tāp ‚lī‚brer·ē]
(computer science)
A special area, most often a room within a computer installation, used to store magnetic tapes.
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tape library

A high-capacity data storage system for storing, retrieving, reading and writing multiple magnetic tape cartridges. Also called a "tape automation system," it contains storage racks for holding the cartridges and a robotic mechanism for moving the cartridge to the drive.

Tape libraries were made for almost every size and type of magnetic tape cartridge, but only the larger ones survived. Small libraries had a handful of drives and held up to several hundred cartridges. Large units support dozens of drives and thousands of cartridges.

Accessing data in a tape library takes from a few seconds to a minute or more in order to retrieve and load the cartridge into the drive and locate the data on the tape. See cartridge and magnetic tape.

A Large Tape Library
Years ago, StorageTek's RedWood SD-3 was one of the largest tape libraries, holding up to 6,000 helical scan cartridges for a total of 300 terabytes. Subsequent StorageTek units have capacities up to 50 petabytes. (Image courtesy of Storage Technology Corporation.)

Changer Mechanism
All tape and disk libraries have a robotic-like device that retracts and inserts the cartridges and moves them to the read/write heads. This photo shows the mechanism in an AIT library from Cambridge Computer Services, Inc. (www.cambridgecomputer.com). The tapes are held in a rotating carousel (left) that can hold hundreds of cartridges.
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iSCSI opens up the window of greater data protection for organizations by enabling both local and remote backups, and by offering data protection to systems that had no prior access to a tape library. The ease of backup, expanded applications, affordable networking and reliance on IP encourage a quick adoption of this technology.
Qualstar's tape library families span capacities from 300 gigabytes to 36 terabytes of native (uncompressed) storage capacity, in several popular tape formats, including AIT, DLT, LTO, M2 and VXA.
"We use Spectra's TFinity library for our NASA customer because of its impressive scalability.The new High Performance Transporter in the tape library deliversnearly twice the tape mount rate than our previous configuration, which has enabled our customers to improve efficiency by permitting faster access to archived data."
QStar Archive Manager software can be installed on a Windows or Linux server and virtualizes any tape library behind a NAS-like disk cache, allowing a simple connection through CIFS and NFS.
The Oracle StorageTek SL150 tape library actually replaces three previous models -- the SL24, SL48 (both entry-level libraries) and the SL500 (a midrange product) — because it can scale from 30 tape cartridge slots to 300 slots and from one to 20 tape drives.
IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library is enabled by a new, IBM-developed shuttle technology -- a mechanical attachment that connects up to 15 tape libraries to create a single, high capacity library complex at a lower cost.
Before making the purchase decision, Webber conferred with consultants, who convinced him that the university needed a combination of a disk-to-disk solution with deduplication technology and an integrated tape library for archival purposes.
When it comes to protection, EMC has led the mainframe backup and recovery market since we introduced the industry's first 'tapeless' virtual tape library for IBM zSeries mainframes in 2008.
They add intelligence to the tape library and the backup/restore environment.
The Exabyte 221L Plus Tape Library with LTO-3 is the only library in its class to offer a native Fibre Channel interface which makes it ideal for SAN applications.
(NYSE: HIT), has signed a reseller agreement to sell its PetaSite tape library systems.
StorageTek last month shipped its SL8500 high-end tape library that replaces its flagship Powderhorn devices.