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The best way to prevent or eliminate tapeworm infection in dogs is to follow a regular de-worming programme - usually once every six months.
The prevalence rates of tapeworm infection in foxes in different communities and the prevalence rate in foxes in rural areas in Upper Bavaria are shown in Tables 1 and 2, respectively.
Tapeworm infections caused by Taenia tapeworms have been known since the beginning of recorded history.
We tested this possibility using MANOVA orthogonal contrasts (SAS 1994), and found that tapeworm infection significantly affected the population dynamics of the two beetle species in six of the nine treatments (cultures 7-18 in Table 2, P [less than] 0.
Tapeworm infection reduces fitness, and in cSM females, the fitness cost is correlated with infection intensity (Yan 1997).
One of the seronegative persons reported a history of tapeworm infection several years previously.
Both new reports underscore the fact that tapeworm infection remains a major threat in Mexico and in Central and South America, comments Dickson D.
Cases of Taenia crassiceps tapeworm infection in humans * Patient Site of Type of residence infection immunosuppression Reference Germany Cerebellum None This article Switzerland Subcutis and AIDS (4) muscle, upper limb Germany Subcutis and NHL (1) muscle, forearm and hand USA (Oregon) Subcutis, None Ronald Neafie, shoulder pers.
martis tapeworm infection was possible only by use of molecular methods.
Itching is consistent with a diagnosis of tapeworm infection, too, and I wouldn't be too hasty in ruling out fleas as the cause of your cat's scratching.
However, intestinal tapeworm infection produces few symptoms, and the prevalence is typically <1%-2%, even in regions where cysticercosis is endemic (12).