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(mechanical engineering)
Forming an internal screw thread in a hole or other part by means of a tap.
Opening the pouring hole of a melting furnace to remove molten metal.
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special wounding of growing trees for the purpose of obtaining essential oils, resins, raw rubber, and sugar syrup.

The tapping of rubber trees is the most developed form of tapping in world economy. In the USSR the tapping of pine trees is commercially significant. To a small extent the nut pine Pinus Sibirica and the fir are tapped, and a very valuable balsam used in optics is obtained. In the USSR in the southern Urals and Byelorussia, birch and maple are tapped for their sugar syrup.

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Gently touching a touch-sensitive screen. See tap and touchscreen.
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I started rapping my temples with my index fingers because it felt good and the Mister prefers rapping over tapping. In the doorway at the top of the steps Yoonhee chopped his arm away and when he tried to punch her she slammed the door on his skull.
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Our options when tapping are to vary the cutting speed of the tap or use a different type of tap, such as a cut tap or a form tap.
Anything that makes tapping easier must help everyone.
The library recently combined all its tapping videos, audiotapes, memorabilia, film, articles, and books, under Hines' name for more visibility, and to create a substantial collection for the once "lost art" of tap dancing.
Selecting a more accurate drill size in the beginning makes the tapping process much easier.
"If you see one character tapping, it's exciting," he says.
The HPF carbide insertable forming tap features a replaceable carbide insert on a steel body for tapping all ductile materials up to 32 Rc, as well as materials considered too hard for HSS or powdered metal form taps.
He told me he'd heard from his wife about "some white chick tapping with the old hoofers at DTW" and I told hint I liked that he wore his glasses in Eubie.
Catalog contains a tear-out hole size reference chart and technical information on classes of fit, surface treatments, lubrication, and tapping speeds.
Jane Goldberg is a tapper and frequent writer on dance who has carried her shoes to India on two tapping Fulbrights.
She began her dance studies at 6, and took ballet even after she became known for her tapping. "I think ballet is the foundation of all dance," she said.