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macadam, tarmac, tarmacadam

1. A paving for roads or other surfaces, formed by grading and compacting layers of crushed stone or gravel; then the top layer(s) are usually bound by asphaltic material, acting to stabilize the stone, provide a smoother surface, and seal against water penetration.
2. The crushed stone used in a macadamized surface.
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He called for the whole runway to be made of tarmacadam and for another taxiway closer to where aircraft touch down to be provided.
The initial frontage is laid to a large tarmacadam turning space, with central island and lawns plus trees and beech hedging to sides.
Outside, there is direct access via a tarmacadam driveway with wrought iron double gates leading to the side of the property, with a concrete ramp through to the brick-built garage.
A large section of block paving at the top of King Street in Huddersfield has been patched up using tarmacadam.
The new drive was installed by contractors S&B Smallman who specialise in tarmacadam laying and surfacing, including driveways and pathways, school playgrounds, car parks and private roads.
Graffiti, damaged litter bins, damaged bollards and broken paving, with unsightly patches of tarmacadam dotted between and no trees or shrubs in sight.
@incongru " added: "The pneumatic tyre, the Mackintosh raincoat, tarmacadam roads and radar.
The versatile BYERLEY BABE must be stronglyfancied to make a successful seasonal debut in the Casey Tarmacadam Mares Hurdle in Wexford.
When deciding to obtain estimates never deal with anyone who just knocks the door and offers to do the driveway because they have spare tarmacadam or concrete left over from a job down the road.
Bobby said tradesmen employed by Hexham Tarmacadam Surfacing took pounds 2,000 from him yet never returned to finish the job.