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see Przewalski's horsePrzewalski's horse
, wild horse of Asia, Equus przewalski, E. ferus przewalski, or E. caballus przewalski, the only extant wild horse that, in the purebred state, is not descended from the domestic horse.
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(Equus caballus gmelini), a subspecies of the domestic horse and the probable ancestor of several breeds of domestic horses. Once widely distributed in the steppes of the European USSR and some European countries, the tarpan was found in the Ukraine until the 1870’s. It disappeared as a result of natural displacement by herds of domestic animals and partly as a result of extermination. Difficult to domesticate, the tarpan was small, standing 116–136 cm high at the shoulders. The compact body was of a mousy gray color and had a black stripe down the back, a black upright mane, and a black tail.


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Apart from red deer, roe deer, wild boar and wisent, Old World rewilders also use proxies for the aurochs (Bos primigeniuis) and the tarpan (Equus przewalski gmelini).
Tarpan horses, a breed that disappeared from the wild in Europe two centuries ago, were reintroduced in Southeast Bulgaria back in September 2011.
Investigaciones que se realizaron en Polonia con dos grupos de caballos Tarpan, libres en llanura (salvajes) y estabulados, demostraron mayores recuentos de hpg en los animales del segundo grupo y una mayor prevalencia de S.
La saiga (Saiga tatarica), el uro (Bos taurus primigenius), el tarpan (Equus caballus gmelini) y los roedores de las estepas --como son los susliks, Spermophilus citellus-- fueron sus principales exponentes.
Volkswagen took over the former Tarpan factory in Poland in 1993.
The plant began operations in 1993 as a joint venture with Polish carmaker FSR Tarpan. Since 1997, it has been fully owned by Volkswagen commercial vehicles.
El caballo mongol es algo muy especial; de baja alzada, el tipo tarpan, peludo, robusto y resistente, es tambien muy veloz con un galope acompasado y regular, y tienen mucho nervio a pesar de su docilidad.
Horses (Equus caballus) called koniks, which run free in the biosphere reserve of Bialowieza, show a morphological convergence with the extinct tarpan (E.
STEVE MATTHEWS, 47, one of the Queen's head coachmen, has been employed as a "horse whisperer" to tame a wild Tarpan stallion, which has been imported from Poland by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.
Equus lambei, the Yukon horse, was "the easternmost representative of a circumpolar species of small, caballoid, horse of which Przewalski's horse and the tarpan were the last wild Eurasian survivors" (Forsten, 1988:163).
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