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see plaidplaid,
a long shawl or blanketlike outer wrap of woolen cloth, usually patterned in checks or tartan figures. Now a distinctive feature of the Highland costume, it was formerly worn in all parts of Scotland and in N England by both men and women.
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(tär`tăn), in the Bible, official title of two Assyrians sent to Hezekiah by Sennacherib and Sargon.


a. a design of straight lines, crossing at right angles to give a chequered appearance, esp the distinctive design or designs associated with each Scottish clan
b. (as modifier): a tartan kilt
2. a woollen fabric or garment with this design


a single-masted vessel used in the Mediterranean, usually with a lateen sail


A simple language proposed to meet the Ironman requirements.

["TARTAN - Language Design for the Ironman Requirements: Reference Manual", Mary Shaw et al, SIGPLAN Notices 13(9):36-58 (Sep 1978)].
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