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(computer science)
A set of instructions, data, and control information capable of being executed by the central processing unit of a digital computer in order to accomplish some purpose; in a multiprogramming environment, tasks compete with one another for control of the central processing unit, but in a nonmultiprogramming environment a task is simply the current work to be done.
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(1) An assigned goal one strives to achieve.

(2) An errand or assignment.

(3) A problem that must be solved with specific information and reflection—for example, a mathematical problem, a chess problem, a logic problem, or a writing problem.

(4) A method of instruction and of checking accomplishments and skills used in all types of general and specialized schools.

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An independently running program. See multitasking.
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References in classic literature ?
Long, long, he worked; but still the waves rolled far above them, and his task was not yet done; and many bitter tears poor Thistle shed, and sadly he pined for air and sunlight, the voice of birds, and breath of flowers.
Day after day went by, and slowly Thistle's task drew towards an end.
Then Thistle went among the Spirits, and joined in their tasks; he tended the flower-roots, gathered the water-drops, and formed the good-luck pennies.
Saving time and effort when going back and forth between a maintenance task and repair part listing is as easy as 1, 2, 3:
Barker suggests developing a single, illustrated sheet that contains all of the instructions that a floor worker will need to complete his singular task. The sheet can easily be replaced by another if a new casting is conveyed down the belt.
While the primary task of finding relevant cases (for positive tasks) may be successfully completed with either traditional keyword searching or CBR searching, the lack of understanding of the underlying principles may prevent users from taking full advantage of similar systems.
The Chief Counsel task force was formed to study the IRS's Technical Advice Memorandum program and to make recommendations in respect of the process used by the Office of Chief Counsel, both in the field and in the national office, to provide technical legal advice to IRS personnel and taxpayers during the course of tax examinations (so-called case specific advice).
A task analysis compiles the specific listing of tasks and breaks them down into key components.
In the study, each participant spent 30 minutes learning either a spatial or a procedural task. In the spatial task, the subjects studied and then navigated routes through a virtual town to locate an object.
Task Force Bastogne is a special transportation team formed by SDDC to provide customized end-to-end deployment and distribution of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from Fort Campbell, Ky.
Gickling and Armstrong (1978) defined off-task behaviors as those that are irrelevant to the immediate academic task. This definition appears more consistent with procedural engagement (observable behaviors; Nystrand & Gamaron, 1991) than substantive engagement (prolonged personal commitment).