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(computer science)
A set of instructions, data, and control information capable of being executed by the central processing unit of a digital computer in order to accomplish some purpose; in a multiprogramming environment, tasks compete with one another for control of the central processing unit, but in a nonmultiprogramming environment a task is simply the current work to be done.



(1) An assigned goal one strives to achieve.

(2) An errand or assignment.

(3) A problem that must be solved with specific information and reflection—for example, a mathematical problem, a chess problem, a logic problem, or a writing problem.

(4) A method of instruction and of checking accomplishments and skills used in all types of general and specialized schools.


An independently running program. See multitasking.
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Barker suggests developing a single, illustrated sheet that contains all of the instructions that a floor worker will need to complete his singular task.
A "positive" search task means that there was at least one case in the case repository that was a "perfect" match for all of the elements in the search scenario.
The Chief Counsel task force was formed to study the IRS's Technical Advice Memorandum program and to make recommendations in respect of the process used by the Office of Chief Counsel, both in the field and in the national office, to provide technical legal advice to IRS personnel and taxpayers during the course of tax examinations (so-called case specific advice).
A task analysis compiles the specific listing of tasks and breaks them down into key components.
In the study, each participant spent 30 minutes learning either a spatial or a procedural task.
Task Force Bastogne is a special transportation team formed by SDDC to provide customized end-to-end deployment and distribution of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) from Fort Campbell, Ky.
Gickling and Armstrong (1978) defined off-task behaviors as those that are irrelevant to the immediate academic task.
The ESPC is a task order contract, but it does not work quite like standard task order contracts.
Many of the FBI's task forces dealing with significant crime problems grew out of the agency's close working relationship with the New York City Police Department (NYPD).
The Tax Section Strategic Plan Implementation Task Force met in May 2004, and discussed performance metrics, timelines and delegation of the responsibility for completing action plans.
The arrangement, called temporary adequate/alternate episcopal oversight (AEO), is recommended in the task force's final report, which was publicly released Mar.
In this study we explored whether there are gender differences in perceptions of child self-reliance for diabetes tasks in 104 families of youth aged eight to 16 with Type 1 diabetes.